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Timeline of Middle Eastern Women's Rights

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Haley Powell

on 18 May 2013

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Transcript of Timeline of Middle Eastern Women's Rights

Timeline of Middle Eastern Women's Rights
Maddie Cuttler & Haley Powell 1899 1920's The first Egyptian girl graduates from high school. Iraqi women move to gain more rights and a better education. 1907 Women in all Middle Eastern countries finally become legalized to vote. 1934-1956 The constitution of women's rights is suspended. 1961 In the United Arab Emirates...
Female attendance in schools reach record high
About 98% of all females eligible for school attend 2002 3% of Yemen women are literate. 1975 1988 Women make up about 25% of Iraq's workforce. 26% of Yemen women are literate. 1990's 1996-2002 Taliban severely restricts the role of women in society.
Women under Taliban rule banned from work force
Forbidden education
Can only leave home if close male relative escorts them
Must wear burqa
Windows have to be painted black that are visible to public The Liberation of Women by Qasim Amin comes out stating that women should be free.
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