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Website Version of Dementia United - One Year On 'The Journey Continues'

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on 28 November 2016

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Transcript of Website Version of Dementia United - One Year On 'The Journey Continues'


Making Greater Manchester the best place in the world for dementia care

What Devolution Means
George McNamara
The Greater Manchester Story
Prof Maxine Power
Pat Jones-Greenhalgh
Maria's Story
Maria Walsh
Where Are We Now?
Anthony Hassall
Celebrating Success!
Locality Showcase
Innovation Focus
Welcome To Dementia United - The Journey Continues
Facing Facts
11.4 million people aged 65 or over in the UK
850,000 have dementia
40% have chronic conditions

o 27% have previously diagnosed dementia o 50% have cognitive impairment
o 27% have delirium
o 24% have possible major depression
o 8% have definite major depression
Older people in Hospital
How do we do?
Diagnosing Dementia

The Dementia United
1. Improve the Lived Experience
2. Reduce Variation
3. Post Diagnostic Support Model
4. Co-production & Redesign
5. Adoption of Technology
Time for Action!
Aims to;
1. Improve the lived experience for people with dementia and carers

2. Reduce dependance on health and social care
Jon Corner
Jonathon Drake
The Barometer
Rachel Volland
Tameside & Glossop

Rt. Hon Hazel Blears

Elaine Inglesby-Burke, CBE

Maria Walsh

Continuing to Make Manchester the Best Place in the World to Live With Dementia
Prof. Alistair Burns
How Do We Know?
Do we ask people what it is like to live with dementia?

No current measure exists

Some development work happening

A unique measurement system
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