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The Completion Agenda - The Future of Community Colleges - Aug 2013

Dr. Rufus Glasper, MAT Conference Oct. 22, 2013

Juls Davis

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of The Completion Agenda - The Future of Community Colleges - Aug 2013

Satellite Locations
Campus Sites
MCCCD Adopted Budget for FY 2013-2014 $1.7 billion.

State aid has been reduced by $60.8M since 07-08 and is currently approximately 1.1% of the General Fund.

More than 6,375 full-time and adjunct faculty members are employed annually.

MCCCD is the largest provider of workforce training in the state of Arizona.

We work with K-12 and higher-ed partners to develop seamless pathways for students.
By Rufus Glasper, Chancellor, Ph.D., CPA
Maricopa Community Colleges Educate a Varied Student Body
51% White
23% Hispanic
9% African American
4% Asian
3% Native American
Nearly 55% of our students are younger than 25 years old and about 55% are female.
73% of students attend part-time.
48% attend during the day, 18% during the evening.
36% take classes for workforce purposes.
40% take classes with intent to transfer to a four-year institution.
Our students have divergent schedules and goals:
Dr. Rufus Glasper, Chancellor, Maricopa Community College District
Higher Education in Arizona
How it compares to other states
Community Colleges in Arizona
What are their importance?
What are their challenges?
What are their strengths?
College Mission:
Build community partnerships while providing lifelong learning opportunities including:
Certificate and Degree Programs
University Transfer Studies
Continuing Education
Career and Job Training
Fiscal Challenge
The challenge before us in higher education is this...
Community colleges are open entry, open access institutions, so our doors are open to most any student who can do the work today, regardless of their academic past.
The Completion Agenda - The Future of Community Colleges
In that regard, we are an avenue to CHANGED lives!
Disruptive Innovation...
How do we do more with less?


The answer lies in innovation and reinvention -
a concept recently identified as disruptive innovation.
Completion Agenda and Productivity
President Obama's 2020 Strategic Vision and Goals
Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer
Arizona's new education plan was developed by the P-20 Education Council, with statewide input and support from educators, business leaders and community organizations. This plan places power in the hands of parents. It instills yearly benchmarks that will put Arizona on the path to achieve specific goals by 2020, including:

Improving our high school graduation rate to 93%, from a starting point of 75%.
Enabling at least 94% of third graders to meet State reading standards, in contrast to our baseline of just 69%.
Doubling the number of college students who complete their studies and receive a four-year degree.
National Involvement
Commission on Higher Education Attainment
Commission on Regulation of Postsecondary Distance Education
AACC's 21st Century Initiative - Implementation Steering Committee (AACC - American Association of Community Colleges)
Over 27 years experience within MCCCD.
10 years as Chancellor.
Previously Executive Vice Chancellor for Human Resources and Administration.
Arizona Community Colleges Major Initiatives
Vision 2020
Performance Based Funding
Governance Structure
*Source U.S. Department of Education
Balance wheel for state funding
Education as public and private good
Expanding mission
Across the board cuts
Education increasingly a private good
Performance-based funding
Prioritization project
Expansion of fundraising and development
New partnerships
Expanded revenue sources
Community Colleges
Student Success Initiative (SSI)
Developmental Education
Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM)
Seamless Student Experience (SSE)
Integrated Marketing, Outreach, Recruitment, Retention (IMOR2)
Product Mix (online, regionalization, etc.)
Corporate College
Classification & Compensation Study
60/40 Faculty Ratio
Maricopa Priorities
Performance Funding
IT Transformation
System Upgrades (CIS, HRMS, BDS, CFS)
MCCCD Foundation Campaign
Capital Bond
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