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Rookie Orientation

No description

Daniel Bahner

on 18 August 2018

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Transcript of Rookie Orientation

By the end of this session...

List where each professional staff member office is located.
Identify the multiple resources available in the staff workrooms.
Recall specific expectations related to office conduct.
Differentiate between daily, weekly, and monthly administrative responsibilities.
Recall the dimensions of the rubric.
Apply conduct expectations to own behavior
Understand the unique position created by nature of the student staff position.
Office Processes
Staff Training and Orientation
Midsemester evaluations
Staff Selection Advertising
Winter Housing
Renewal Training
RA Apps due (New and Returning)
Staff Selection
Housing Lottery and Summer RA Apps due
End of the Year Awards
Introduction to the Office
Paperwork (on the bookcase)
Roommate agreements & worksheets
Community Standards posters
Room Inspection & Common Area Inspection forms
Standard signage for your floor
Mail Call!
#9486 and #11123
Check daily
Post all flyers
Read Whiteboard
30101 (twice)
Remove colored paper when finished
Staff related items ONLY - no school work ($)
Moderate quantities
Report problems to Michele/Student Worker
Only prints in Black and White
Contact your AD about color printing
Farinon Workroom
Kamine and Farinon Workroom
Butcher Paper (bulletin board paper)
Ellison Machines (letter cutouts)
Paper Cutters
Ice Breaker and Programming Materials
And much more!
Arts & Crafts
Creative supplies
Construction paper
Colored copy paper
Low on supplies...tell Michele!

Workroom is messy ….clean up!
McKeen /
South /Marquis
Keefe, Soles, Watson Courts,
635, Kirby
Easton / Ruef
March Hall
Grace Reynolds
Director of Residence Life
Dan Ayala
Associate Director of Residence Life, Advisor to Fraternities and Sororities
Sarah Yencha
Assistant Director of Residence Life for Housing Operations/Off-Campus Housing Coordinator
Terrence Haynes
Assistant Director of Residence Life
Julie Mulé
Associate Director of Residence Life
Watson / Ramer /

Office Structure
Student Worker Desk

keep noise to reasonable level
appropriate conversations
respect staff workspace
respect confidentiality
clean up after self
The RA Fishbowl
There may be times when your personal values come in conflict with the expectations of the position.
We expect you to uphold college policy.
“In Plain View”, Reasonable Expectation

Evaluation Rubric
You are a Staff Member 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
You now represent the Office of Residence Life and Lafayette College.
Be conscious of the situations you are putting yourself in, and regardless of your actions, be aware of the PERCEPTION.

Office Layout
What should you be observing?

The physical environment
Resident interactions
What kinds of things do they like to do, eat, watch, etc
How are people behaving, either on their own or with other people, such as their roommates.
Suspicious behavior or odd happenings
Personal Values
Staff Member Values
Student worker
Michele Shimer
Office Manager
Rookie Orientation
Occupancy Reports
Sullivan Lane
Tim Uhrich
Assistant Director of Residence Life
Eric Morton
Graduate Intern
Ruef 2A
South 125
Annette Diorio
VP of Campus Life

G. Chris Hunt
Dean of Students
Need supplies to refill your RA kit?
Whiteboard markers, glue sticks,
staples, and poster putty
What else do we do?
What does it mean to be an RA?
Resident Advisor
Community Builder
Relationship Facilitator
Resource Referral Agent
Policy Enforcer
You are now a representative of the college,
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Part of the Lafayette team
Residence Life
Student Staff
Day-to-day RA
The Farinon Copier
Residence Life professional and student staff members offer programs and provide services that promote the achievement of learning objectives and personal well-being. Residence Life also encourages reasoned and ethical behavior and fosters understanding of the responsibilities that accompany living in a residential academic community.
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