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Russia ICT Day Forum, Nov. 14, 2013

No description

ICT Unit World Bank

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Russia ICT Day Forum, Nov. 14, 2013

Broadband: Key Infrastructure for
Russia’s Global Competitiveness
There is a need to ensure long-term sustainability of today’s good trajectory of the Russian broadband market development.

Sustainable growth requires new instruments to balance the interests of the State and of the private sector

The mobile market has the lowest HHI among G8: highly competitive market
Average connection speed is overtaking France and Italy,
but megacities are falling behind
National targets for broadband development in G8, excl. Japan

Russia’s broadband targets support country`s ambitious modernization strategy

Lead ICT Specialist
Regional Coordinator for ECA and MENA
TWICT, World Bank

Russia has the lowest prices among G8:
only 20% of the population cannot afford broadband

Fixed broadband: growth is driven by remarkable FTTH expansion

Mobile broadband: Russia is closing the gap with global leaders and there is huge room for growth

Job creation
Labor productivity increase

FDI Driver
Connection Speed
Penetration, Inhabitants
Annual growth
This recent growth was led by State-owned companies

Use of public funds and leveraging private investment;
Implement regulatory reforms
Remove FDI intake obstacles
Better leverage utilities and promote infrastructure sharing
Thank you
Carlo Maria Rossotto
Why is broadband so strategic to socioeconomic development?
Broadband drives modern global competitiveness
Use public funds to leverage private investment

Balance role of the State and of State-owned enterprises to achieve the broadband targets: create an independent regulator
Fixed broadband lines
per 100 population
Score 2012
FTTx household penetration in selected countries, FTTH Council (2012)
Labor productivity
GDP growth

Job creation
FDI Driver
GDP growth
"Smart" infrastructure foundation
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