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Agriculture Politics Major Industries

allison lessne

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Dallas,Texas

Dallas, Texas Political Structures Pollution Major Companies Population 2008 Percentage-poverty Unemployment
rate 2008 Education portland, oregon Environment - very green & evironmentally friendly
- USA, Pacific Region, Oregon, Portland - mountainous, rugged land The Air Pollution Control Program has been a vital part of the City’s services to its citizens since the latter part of the 1960s. Cuisine
Tex-Mex - river runs through middle - mild weather - rich farming land Econmoy - crime rate above average - high population - no sales tax - high income tax - improving economy Culture very environmentally friendly preforming arts Roses "Old Red" The 19th century
courthouse Animals To What Extent Does the Environment Effect Movement ?
immigrants Culture Sports Basketball
team How Does Climate Effect Economy ? - perfect for farming - top industries related to farming - make over 100,000$ To What Extent Does Environment Effect Movement ? - depends on the person - attracts farmers - attracts loggers - comfortable climate, few snow days not very high AT&T
Dean Industries
Texas instruments
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