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Netherlands Five Themes of Geography

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Noah Fortin

on 21 September 2014

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Transcript of Netherlands Five Themes of Geography

The absolute location of the Netherlands is 52.23 degrees North and 4.54 degrees East.

The relative location of the Netherlands is West of Germany, North of Belguim, East of United Kingdom, South of Norway, and it is surrounded by the North Sea.

Human/Environment Interaction
In the Netherlands, there is a lot of flooding because of the North Sea; half of the Netherlands is in water. In the Netherlands, people have been cutting down many trees and only 10% of the Netherlands have trees.

The Netherlands mostly has high quality agricultural land, meaning most of the land in the Netherlands is very fertile. Because the land is very fertile, there are many people who are farmers.
People who live there have been forced to make the Dikes of Netherlands. With the dikes, when any flood occurs, the whole country won’t be flooded. .

The movement of people in the Netherlands have cause many railroads, highways, waterways for boats, and ports and harbors to be built.TheNetherlands is so densely populated, there are many new cities, houses, and apartments being built.

The Netherlands is basically a gateway of goods for Europe. Many goods are transported from one European country through the Netherlands, and comes out, being sent to another country.
A few regions that the Netherlands is in are, Europe, the North and Eastern Hemisphere Central Europe Timezone.

The Netherlands has a maritime climate, with cool summers and mild winters. The average temperature is 2° C (36° F ) in January and 19° C (66° F ) in July, with an annual average of about 10° C (50° F ).

By: Noah Fortin
Netherlands Five Themes of Geography
The Netherlands is a very flat country with almost 25% of its land is at, or below sea level. The Netherlands have no mountain ranges or natural borders.

One distinctive human characteristic is the capital city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a major city in the Netherlands. Another distinctive characteristic is the Freanker Planetarium. This building was created by Eise Eisinga.

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