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randy leplatt

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Solutions

From Anger to Freedom
The Problem
Unresolved anger manifests itself in a variety of ways.
Produces physical, emotional, and relational symptoms
Makes Believers ineffective in leadership/discipleship
Creates gap between Believer and God.

Solutions to Increase Leadership Potential

2. Meditate: To align not just the heart and the mind, but actions also.

3. Journal: A place to voice anger, reflect on it, and resolve it.

4. Mentor: To provide an outside evaluation to help replace angry actions.

Try It Out

Counter Argument 1
Counter Argument 2
1. Develop Your Identity in Christ
What you do does NOT make you who you are!
What Christ did makes you who you are!
To justify anger is to undermine the truth that only the blood of
Jesus justifies.
Who is God?
Who is Jesus?
Who Am I in Christ?
What Do I Feel?
In Control
Disappointed, doubtful,
not in control
"I hate confrontation!
Acknowledge: It can be a motivating factor.
Anger can be used as a catalyst to unleash true
leadership potential.
Acknowledge: Yes the Bible does say that in Deuteronomy.

Accommodate: Bible does reveal righteous anger and the Old Testament
displays God’s wrath.

Refute: The verse above is taken out of context as a reason for revenge.
Forgiveness is better
Quote by Max Lucado
Bible declares, “Show no pity: life for life, eye for eye…” Revenge is better.
Accommodate: Sam's story
Refute: Although anger can be a spark, eventually it will burn away success.
Quote from "Overcoming the Darkside" by McIntosh and Rima
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