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Is it a viable alternative to conventional fossil fuels?

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san A

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Is it a viable alternative to conventional fossil fuels?

Why not?

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Ethanol is a type of alcohol which undergoes complete combustion when reacted with oxygen more readily.

It has an increased octane rating and
will reduce the possiblity of
air pollution, global warming as well as
the development of photochemical smog
which can be caused by the large amount
of carbon emissions produced by conventional
fossil fuels.
All alcohols have the ability to absorb water.

Since gasohol contain
at least 10 % ethanol, they are capable of absorbing the water and eliminating the need for adding
a gas-line antifreeze in winter.

Modern cars can easily be manufactured to run on gasohol.

The use of gasohol, would thus lead to better car performance.

Is it a viable alternative to conventional petrol
mixtures for cars?

Stage 1 Chemistry
By, Sanchita A
Gasohol is a type of fuel produced when ethanol (C2H5OH) and unleaded gasoline made from crude oil are mixed together in certain proportions.

A common blend of gasohol is E10 which is a blend of 10% ethanol and 90% gasoline.

It is a much better alternative to the conventional petrol mixtures used today for various relevant reasons.
Gasohol helps contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions otherwise produced in large quantities by conventional gasoline.

Ethanol is composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms.
The oxygen allows complete combustion to occur more quickly with ethanol which helps reduce the amount of unburned hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide produced in the car exhaust during combustion.
The use of gasohol would help increase the abundance of non-renewable resources such as crude oil which would otherwise be consumed in large quantities to produce conventional petroleum just for transportation.
Fossil Fuels
Shouldn't let their sacrifice go to waste...
Reason # 5
driving me out...
The use of gasohol can also lead to a stabaliation of agricultural income and fuel economy of the country as ethanol is be made from corn on agricultural country farms in large quantities.

These are just 5 reasons as to why Gasohol can clearly be considered as a viable alternative to the conventional petrol mixtures made from non-renewable fossil fuels used today.

Gasohol offers a number of benefits over the use of conventional petrol.
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