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ROSCon 2015 - ROS-Industrial Timeline

No description

on 7 October 2016

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Transcript of ROSCon 2015 - ROS-Industrial Timeline

Focused Technical Projects
Calibration Toolbox
it's training time!
Mobile Manipulator
current FTP proposals & candidate topics
Bringing ROS to the factory floor: the ROS-Industrial initiative
RIC-Europe Launches
First ROS-I Demonstration
Dual Arm Interfaces
Path Planning
IO Network Support

ROS-I: We've been busy!
Community Meetings x4
(Example topics)
ROS support for CANOpen devices (Fruanhofer IPA)
Support for device profile for drives and motion control
Integrated in the ros-control framework
ROS ProfiNet coming soon

19th Annual Robotics Industry Forum
Robot Support
ROSCon 2015
Why ROS-Industrial?
starting from the intuition of a Research Engineer to two Consortia of over 30 members!

plus debugging/visualization/simulation tools, hw independence, ...
push industrial robotics from PREPROGRAMMED motions to PERCEPTION in the loop & DYNAMICALLY GENERATED trajectories
31 members in the two consortia as of Sept 30, 2015
Join us today during the Birds of a Feather session!
CAD to ROS Workbench
(examples of the first FTPs)
blending the community-driven, bottom-up approach with the industrial "contracted work", top-down one
reduce unnecessary parallel work by sharing infrastructure costs
(which is _not_ your core IP!)
training sessions held regularly at SwRI (USA) and IPA (Germany)
events, like the ROS-Industrial Conference at IPA
part of the Consortia's mission
ROS in industrial products & settings
Robox uRmc2 : motion controller running cROS
cROS used as the middleware to "glue" the modules of a leather processing plant in Italy
cROS on PLCs
URDF GUI editor with CAD import plugins (milestone 1)
process planning, work cell planning, sensor configuration and calibration, 3D point cloud importer (future milestones)
source access only for RIC members during the first two years UNLESS a threshold is met through crowdfunding, in which case the source is made public earlier
FTP proposal at rosindustrial.org, RIC member committed to fund 1st milestone
including PLCs in the ROS ecosystem through cROS
IT+Robotics just started a proof-of-concept port in collaboration with major PLC manufacturer
Industrie 4.0 communication standard
pilot project: ROS 2.0 with OPC-UA
RIC-Americas Launches
25 people from 14 organizations
ROS-Industrial project backed by a Consortium complementing its Community w/ financial and managerial support
ROS on AGVs operating at a major car manufacturing plant in Germany
PR2 pick & place performed with industrial hardware
Cooperative effort between SwRI, Yaskawa Motoman, & Willow Garage
Demonstrated software portability
Dual arm Motoman SDA10F (Fraunofer IPA & Motoman)
Dual arm UR - Hilgendorf (SwRI & NIST)
General purpose calibration library (SwRI & NIST)
Robot to camera (fixed)
Robot to camera (arm mounted)
Camera to camera (many)
Latest additions
Streamlined intrinsic/extrinsic calibration
Templates for common use cases
ABB, Adept, Fanuc, Motoman, Universal
Maintained by SwRI, TU Delft, & Fraunhofer IPA
Future additions
Kuka, Epson, Staubli, Ragnar(BlueWorkforce)
Develop path planners for industrial application
Common sense plans
Descartes semi-constrained cartesian path planner
Resurrected STOMP planner
Developed mobile manipulation platform for order fulfillment
Standardized platform (Euler)
Scan & Plan
Use 3D sensors to scan objects and intelligent planner to perform operations
Utilizes multiple core technologies
Plus Intermodalics,
magazino and many more!
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