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lauran kandrac

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of cameroon

Food My Travel Log Africa By: Lauran These are some
of the animals
I saw during my trip The meaning of Cameroon's flag The green stands for The red stands for The yellow stands for Cameroon Cameroon's national food is
ndole. It contains beef,nuts
and bitter greens. Other
examples of food Cameroonians
grow are maize,cassava,rice,yam,
curries&soups. Food is different
in all parts of Cameroon because
of climate and because of religion. Cameroon's religion consists
of Christianity, Islamic, Muslims
and Indigenous religious
beliefs. There is approximately
70 percent Christians
21 percent Muslims and 6 percent
traditional Indigenous beliefs and
5 percent Orthodox Jews. hope for a better
future and
richly vegetated
forests in the south independence
and unity sun, a source of happiness and savannahs in the
north The star of unity THANKS FOR FOR WATCHING
MY CAMEROON PROJECT Religion Culture :) Art Cameroonians make wood carvings, sculptures,
pottery, embroidery and weave baskets. Dance In Cameroon there are over 200 types of dancing. They have decorative religious dances, festive dances and celebratory dances. Dancing with a different sex is strictly forbidden. Festivals In Cameroon festivals are presented for celebrating births and deaths, planting , harvests and religious events. Honouring death has a major role in their culture. They believe forest
spirits participate in the dance behind the mask the dancer would wear. Music Almost all celebratory events
have music. Sometimes it is shared
orally, other times it is shared by
foot stomping, clapping or by a
Some of Cameroon's instruments are bells, drums, talking, flutes, horns, rattles, scrapers, whistles, xylophones, stringed instruments and harp like instruments. Since the 1950's, the most favoured music in Cameroon is called MAKOSSA. Makossa means dance in Douala and it is a mixture of urban style -jazz, latin, ambesse bey and high life music. Cameroon gained independence in 1960 January 1st. Cameroon was formally ruled by France. Most of Africa's countries have been colonized by the British and/or the French. Every 7 years Cameroon elects a new president for their leader.
So far Paul Biya has been in power since 1982 and was re-elected in 2011. Paul Biya is a national Cameroonian hero for the people. The type of government in Cameroon is Republican, which is the same in a lot of other countries in Africa. History Lesson My travel log started like this.
We were given university assignments about making a fake travel log being a tourist. I thought it would be to hard to make one with out going to my destination which was Cameroon, Africa, so we booked a flight. This assignment was supposed to be done with a partner so I chose my friend Norben. DAY 1 DAY 2 We are flying into Yaounde, Cameroon it has been a long flight 2 stops almost a whole day! Our plane is landing in Swiss International Airport, close by the Hotel I am staying at. When we got to our hotel, the HILTON, a few phone calls were made and we were off to go to our next destination, Mount Cameroon. Mount Cameron is a volcano that has erupted 18 times in the last 350 years and it last erupted in 2012. And it is still a major tourist attraction. We arrived to our destination from a hot, sweaty, crammed tour bus. Some people brought chickens and goats!? Mount Cameroon looks like Stanley park... kind of. Mount Cameroon's lower half is a densely covered forest. The top half is a bare grey landscape, probably because of all the lava that has flown from the volcano has killed all the trees and greenery that the Mountain just doesn't produce any life any more. We finally found a place to sleep. Last night, we slept by the path that we took. It was kind of scary since I didn't know what kind of animals were lurking in the moonlight. Our agenda for today was to take a look at Lake Nyos. In 1986, carbon dioxide rose from the lake surrounding the area. 1700 people died from the toxicity and 850 people were hospitalized. The force was so strong that greenery and trees were leveled out. Fortunately Lake Nyos is safe to be around right now. When we got to the lake it was breathtaking. It looked like it was from Middle Earth. Unfortunately we couldn't stay long. That took up most of our day. When we found a campsite, we set up my tent and shared stories about Vancouver to the other travelers who were from Australia. They come visit Mount Cameroon yearly and are well known in Kumba. Suddenly it was raining rocks! Then Monkeys appeared and started shouting and screaming at us!! I threw my dinner at them and ran away from what I think are crazy monkeys. They eventually went away and I went to bed petrified. DAY 3 When I woke up we ate a quick breakfast and we're ready to go scale a mountain! I heard some rumbling from behind me and a group of racers zoomed paced Norben and I. Some people stopped for a break and I jogged to ask what was going on. "Every year" one of the racers said "there is a race held by Cameroonian's. The first people to get up and down the mountain first, wins and so far, Cameroonians have held the lead but this year' he said "it will be America!" After that he picked up his water bottle and started running up the mountain trying to get to the top first. There was some noises up ahead and I started moving very cautiously it was a giant herd of giants or ELEPHANTS! I have never ever seen an elephant before and I never intended to see an elephant but here they are. There is some thunder up ahead and we have to find a place to sleep before the rain starts coming down hard. DAY 4 I woke up to elephant noises, and went out side to check what happened. They were gathering each other into a herd so they could migrate to a different place on the mountain. When we reached the top of Mount Cameroon. I felt like a god looking over were Norben and I climbed. I heard a monkey clan fighting with another clan. Its time to go home now back to my home in Vancouver. Nothing is going to be as cool as this vacation by far!!!!!!!!! DAY 5 and 6 We made really good progress coming down we almost made it on our 5th day but we were to tired to go full out, so we slept where we slept on our third day, a flat field with some trees for privacy. Its time to wake up. Even though I really enjoyed my trip to Cameroon and seeing all these new animals I have never seen before I can't wait till I get home to my cat and my electronics. When we got down from the mountain we were greeted by natives who brought us to their mud huts and fed us Ndole. Cameroons national food. It consists of: nuts,bitter-greens and fish or ground beef. We were served Ndole, potatoes and white paste like mixture made into a ball. I enjoyed Ndole the most out off all the condiments. At first I didn't like it as much, but then as I kept on eating I got used to it. The white paste didn't appeal to me as much as the Ndole. I loved the potato. It was made like a french fries. NOW NORBEN AND I GO HOME Fun Facts Did you know that 1.00$ Canadian converts to 512.00$ Cameroonian so 100,000$ Canadian=51,165,854,.00 $Cameroonian. explosion from 2012 yearly race Mount Cameroon was recently incorporated into a national park in 2009. The Biodiversity Regional Project and the World Wide Fund for Nature organization helps protect the wildlife and plants and forests on Mount Cameroon. Every year in January or February a race of hope is held on Mount Cameroon. It started in 1973. The run is 38 kilometers and if you win you get money. So far Cameroon holds the winning record. On Mount Cameroon there are approximately 300,000 indigenous people that live there. Mount Cameroon is known as FAKO~the higher of two peaks and to the native people, Mountain of Greatness. Mount Cameroon is one of the largest active volcanoes in Africa and it reaches to 4,040 meters! Mount Cameroon
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