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[dis-uh-plin] Analysis: Looking backward at 2012.

2011-2012 disciplinary incident data compiled from eSchool for review and analysis.

Gwen McCormick

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of [dis-uh-plin] Analysis: Looking backward at 2012.

situations The Story
Where? What numbers are significant? http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/en/chris_jordan_pictures_some_shocking_stats.html 25 ? 2011-2012 Why? 4 http://animoto.com/play/n8MbFIlWHEaA5OZu6rEHFw http://animoto.com/play/n8MbFIlWHEaA5OZu6rEHFw Jim Collins, 2001 commercial Video from Olympics Help students
self-control Build
Community Increase Instructional Time Soren Kierkegaard Encourage
students to help
maintain safety
and order Refer to RtI,
504, SPED
differentiate Post,
& model Lessons Use methods
to defuse
situations. Reinforce
& Recognize
Behavior Involve
& others Code of
Conduct Be fair and
manner Special
or duties Loss of
Privileges Confiscate
item Change
Seat Parent
Meeting Excluded
curricular Cooling off
"Time out" Withdraw
or restrict
Privileges Temporarily Remove
from class Restitution Before, after
or during
detentions Notify
Parents Campus
Service Verbal
Correction eSchool Reports 2011-2012 Disciplinary Action Roster PEIMS Disciplinary Action Roster 2011=2012 Removal from Class/School Suspensions Number of Fights per Grade Level 2011-2012 Fights .
Grade Six= 8
Grade Seven = 2
Grade Eight = 7 3 Fights 5 Fights 5 Fights Grade Six= 1
Grade Seven = 11
Grade Eight = 0 Number of Fights per Grade Level and Gender Fights 2011-2012 eSchool Teacher Referrals 2011=2012
Action = Suspensions

Total Incidents Violation of Student Code of
Conduct. Disciplinary action: temporary
removal from classroom or
180 Total Students Served I.S.S. / O.S.S.–
6th Grade- 47 Served ISS 3 Served OSS
7th Grade- 77 Served ISS 28 Served OSS
8thGrade- 57 Served ISS 15 Served OSS

118 Total Days of OSS Served
486 Total Days of ISS Served

604 Total Days of Lost Instruction Behavior & Frequency Reporting Teacher Action = 604 days LOSS.......3,926 hours
Sixth Grade
890 hours, 30 minutes
Seventh Grade
LOSS.......322 days
2,093 hours
Eighth Grade
LOSS.......144 days
936 hours LOST Instruction 2 Looking Backward… Objective:
Titan Leaders will examine quantitative data from last year's eSchool discipline referrals in order to identify trends and patterns evident in the data. Learning Activities Titan Leaders will use a framework:
Six Thinking Hats* to focus their attention on one perspective at a time as they review discipline data from the previous school year.
Titan Leaders will post thinking statements that correspond to the data on Todaysmeet.com and titanpad.com

Statements will consider the Guiding Questions:

1. What is "The Story"?
2. Why know or tell this story?
3. What is "The Other Story"?
4. Where is the power in this Story?

*DeBono, Six Hats of Lateral Thinking. 6 Regimen To exercise Effect of… To train Order Rigor To act Behavior Obedience Chastise Punish Correct Control Instruction Looking Backward Dr. Carol Commodore we know today
doesn't make yesterday wrong-
it makes tomorrow better. WHAT 873 referrals What is missing in this data? What do the numbers suggest? What patterns appear? http://animoto.com/play/J0hQYYKbflyALvdDBBgdSg Life can only be understood
but it must be lived
forward. Rules don't
to behave-- People do! Positive
adult and
greatly! …You absolutely cannot
make a series of good decisions without
first confronting the brutal facts. One
rule won't
apply to all
students. "Decisions are
best made and
conflicts best
resolved by
those directly
involved in them."
Costello Reactive ~ Punitive Return to
Quickly. Resolve
Restore Teach the
Why-Don't Ask
Why. Identify
& trends. Types of Behaviors Take care of ...
...each other.
...this place. Do No Harm. Discipline
is taught Where is the Power
of Our Story? What would a
Proactive Response
to misbehavior
look like? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=MYKT3_-NCEw Reported Violations:

Ramsey 4
Santini 9
Saunders 2
Schwarzbach 14
Shirley 11
Stokes 7
Tapia 6
Taylor 7
Teague 1
Thornton 7
Vaitai 6
Von Dreau 4
Wright 27
Young 3 Minors? Majors? Fighting Profanity Skipping
Class PDA Tardy to class Horseplay,
scuffling. Neglecting to
bring materials. Talking back FACTS Activity: To Do
Read :
Hats Activity
Instructions. Think about... Group 1 :Male & Female Comparison

Group 2: Connections of Gender & Grade Level

Group 3: Ethnicity

Group 4: SPED

Group 5: Out-Of-School Suspensions over time

Group 6: In-School Suspensions over time

Group 7: In-School and Out-of School Suspensions Compared

Group 8: Fight Data

Group 9: Location of Incidents

Group 10: Grade 6 Incidents

Group 11: Grade 7 Incidents

Group 12: Grade 8 Incidents

Group 13: Impact of time/events on discipline

Group 14: Repeat Offenders Enrollment Key: titans12 Enroll in NetSchool Course:
Tidwell Staff Development:
dis-uh-plin 2012 Foster
skills &
knowledge http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJu0bNJKA6c&feature=related [dis-uh-plin] 2012
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