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2016 Rising Freshman Parent Presentation

No description

cindy dupree

on 22 March 2016

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Transcript of 2016 Rising Freshman Parent Presentation

-Get schedule and ID’s
-Meet faculty and staff
-All beginning of year paperwork
-School pictures (must be dressed according to dress code), etc.

Bison Stampede
Home Page – daily announcements, clubs and sports, faculty email list, . . . . .
Bison Blog
Guidance Page – ACT/SAT, College Admissions Handbook, Scholarships, Registration Book
Library Media Center Page – Online resource centers, free test prep
Parent Information Page- link to InfoNow portal and password info
School Website:

Must notify the school by December of the student’s 9th grade year.
“Move On When Ready Act”
Early Graduation Option
Most common issues:
--Torn / with holes
--Skirt length (short)
--Facial piercings
--Low necklines / tanks / no sleeves
--Low waistline / exposed undergarments
Dress Code Issues
End of Course tests
Testing Requirements . . . .
Student must earn a designated number of credits each year to be promoted to the next grade:
6 credits = Sophomore(10th)
12 credits = Junior (11th)
18 credits = Senior (12th)

6 = sports eligibility (TSSAA Varsity Sanctioned Sports)
See you at your registration appointment!
Thanks for coming!

STUDENT – Your success depends on:
--involvement (clubs, community service, sports, etc.).

Record Keeping:
--registration materials from each year.
--grade reports.
--awards, honors and community service records.
Supporting Your
Student in High School
Most freshmen take these classes:
(Core classes are offered in Standard or Honors)
-English I
-Algebra A / B, Algebra I
-Physical Science
-Wellness (JROTC I & II may substitute)
-World History
-Fine Art (Visual Art, Theater, Chorus, Band,
Visual Ensemble, Dance)
-General Elective(s)
Course Selection
-Graduation "jewelry"
-Educate and Grow Scholarship - -Volunteer State Community College (extra $ after other awards are paid)
-UT Knoxville – Physics teacher
-TN Technology Centers
For others see:

Benefits of TN Scholar:
Only allowed if the student fails a course.
Both failing grade and new grade show on transcript.
A course cannot be taken to improve the grade.

Repeating Courses
Three credits in a single subject area beyond minimum requirements:
Examples :

Fine Arts JROTC AP

Business Math FCS

Marketing Science Humanities

Elective Focus
--Earn the required credits (26).
--Have a satisfactory record of
attendance and conduct .

Difference between middle and high school
Graduation Requirements
The Registration Process
Getting Connected
A few other things...
Welcome to Station Camp High School
Topics for tonight . . . .
Registration Conferences
Make appointment tonight when you pick up your Registration Book.

RSMS-- March 23rd (8:30-12:00)
KDDC-- April 5th & 6th (8:00-2:45)
SCMS-- April 11th-13th (8:00-2:45)

**Alternate Registration Dates**

Wed. June 15th (9:00a - 2:00p)
Mon. June 27th (9:00a - 2:00p)

+Earn all required graduation credits,
+80 hours of community service AND
+Have 95% attendance rate for 4 years AND
+Have no out of school suspensions AND Pass all classes (2.0 GPA).
Tennessee Scholars
To be designated as a Tennessee Scholar, a student must:
Should my student take Honors?
4 classes
each day
90 minutes each

4 credits
Block Schedule- 90 minute block
Planning for your future!
Your student’s success
depends on
High school success . . . . . . .
4 classes
each day
90 minutes each
4 credits
TOTAL 8 credits
=20% of the 2nd nine weeks grade in the course being tested.

=passing the test is not a graduation requirement, passing the class is.

English (1 per year) 4
Mathematics (minimum 1 per year) 4
Science 3
Social Studies 3
Wellness 1
Physical Education .5
Personal Finance .5
Foreign Language (same language) 2
Fine Arts 1
Elective Focus 3 Additional Electives 4
Total 26
(also listed in Registration Book)
Algebra 1
Algebra 2
English 9
English 10
English 11
Early graduation and guaranteed admission into community college/conditional admission into university after earning 18 credits
Requirements include minimum GPA (3.2 on 4.0 scale), minimum benchmark scores on EOC exams and ACT/SAT sub tests, dual enrollment credit, other.
Appointments will be done in each middle school’s library.
A PARENT MUST ATTEND for student to be registered.

Current End of Course Tests:
Students - please sit with your parents.
personal responsibility
Balancing the Load...
Like us on Facebook:
Station Camp HS Guidance

Follow us on Twitter @BisonGuidance

Get the most recent updates on scholarships, community service opportunities, ACT/SAT prep, and more!

Who's your counselor?
Melissa Beckner (A-D)

Mackenzie Martin (E-K)

Chris Tucker (L-R)

Mary Faires (S-Z)
Registration Process

Arrive at selected appointment time
Complete registration paperwork
Review teacher recommendations for placement
Register for classes
Discuss any questions or concerns
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