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Présentation au Workstream6 du 24/07

Frédérique CALVANUS

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Eco-restauration

WHY ? WHAT ? WHY ? HOW ? WHAT is ECO ? WHAT is RESTORATION ? Technical argument? Energy efficiency Limited environmental impact materials with low charge in energy, water, natural resources, limited transport and waste production Preserving health of inhabitants and craftsmen Benefice for the local economy short supply Improve comfort and quality of use Respect heritage value and architectural value Respect the behavior of the traditional building and foster its intrinsic qualities 99% of the refurbishments = and yet Environmental argument ? Economical argument ? Breathability & Inertia
key drivers of the thermal behavior of traditional buildings Comfort is the key driver for performance
in winter and in summer Standardization can jeopardize
thermal qualities of traditional buildings Who cares ? and yet Eco-construction remains connoted as a hipster trend and yet The energy used to build « low energy » building with « conventional » materials is equivalent to during its whole life cycle. Give more attention to the whole life cycle and to the embodied energy. ACTION PLAN About 1/3 of European buildings
are traditional buildings (<1945) 600 000 green jobs foreseen by the "Grenelle de l'environnement" are the low hypothesis. "For ten years, all managers must be English speakers to be employed. In two or three years they will be required to be perfectly "sustainable development skilled" "Says Nicolas Vermersch, France Director of recruitment firm Michael Page + Energy saving in traditional buildings
- protected or not protected No closed raincoat or thermos But open insulation and skin The economic reality remains an obstacle The natural resistance to change The certification process The ability to work together The necessary improvement of knowledge and skills Local supply ? OBSTACLES To develop demand To structure offer Knowledge Skills Availability of materials Form'action : between sensitization and training
Exchanges between architects, craftsmen, practitioners LOW COST ACTION :
35 pers for 1300 € included lunch
with local and organic food ! FORM'ACTION 1 :
Hygroscopic and thermal behavior of traditional buildings FORM'ACTION 2 :
Air tightness, ventilation and indoor air quality FORM'ACTIONS 2 editions :
1st about air
2d about
hemp and lime LOW COST ACTION :
53 € for coffee Quality of workmanship Availability of local material
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