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First Day of School

No description

Abby Krueger

on 18 August 2015

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Transcript of First Day of School

Welcome to Mrs. Krueger's Classroom!
Please choose a desk to sit in today!

Late Assignments
Classroom Rewards
Citizenship Points
- Each quarter, you will receive 25 Citizenship Points. If you are being disrespectful to me or classmates, you forget your book/notebook, you have missing/late assignments, etc., you will lose points.
Classroom Expectations
- Mrs. Krueger's favorite
rules to follow include:
- Be respectful!
-Use appropriate
language and
electronic devices!
- Be responsible!
- Be positive!
- TRY!
-Do your own
work and make no

Entering Class
- Be on time!
- Have all materials (textbook, notebook, writing utensil, homework) ready for class.
- Sit quietly in your assigned seat while waiting for the bell to ring.

Leaving Class
- Clean up after yourself.
- Wait for me/the bell to dismiss you at the end of the period.
- Ask me for permission to leave the room for any reason during the class period.
Meet Mrs. Krueger
When you're absent...
- Get a make-up slip from the office.
Check the "We Missed You in Class" folder on the bulletin board.
- Ask me if you have any questions about what you've missed.
First Assignment
First & Last Name
Book Number
Three things about yourself
- 2008 Langford High School graduate
- 2012 Northern State University graduate
- I have been teaching 11th & 12th grade English in Milbank, SD for the past 2 years
- I love the color pink, chocolate, Nicholas Sparks & Jodi Picoult novels, reality television, Pinterest, and time spent with my husband, family, and friends.
Fun Days can be earned with excellent class participation, positive attitudes,
and passing English grades.

- You will not receive full credit for late assignments.
- Check the "Your Assignment is Late" folder on the bulletin board.
- Having late or missing assignments may prevent you from participating in classroom rewards.

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