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Prisoner B-3087

No description

Rachel Weir

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Prisoner B-3087

Prisoner B-3087
Rachel Weir, Quinn Self, Annie Blasius, Jaron Akers
Mrs. Mckinney
Pre AP 7th grade 2 Hour Language Arts
The Holocaust is were Nazis tried to kill the Jews.
The Holocaust occurred during the years 1933-1945.
It took place in Europe. Mostly in places Germany tried to conquer.
The Holocaust happened because the Germans blamed the Jews for losing WWI.
Hitler promised the people of Germany he would make his country better. When he was given power he made the promises happen, which made the people of Germany trust him.
Holocaust Info
Concentration Camps
The concentration camps were located in: Poland, France, Germany, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Austria, Netherlands, Slovakia, Czech Republic.
Book Review
Prisoner B-3087 is a really good book. The book tells about a boys life during the holocaust and how he survived. The main character's name is Yenek or Jack in English. After a few chapters in the book he feels like he is the only one in his family still alive so he does his best to survive and not to be ripped from the pages of the world. He goes through ten concentration camps and does the death march twice. Several times he comes close to dying. He does end up surviving WWII, and marries a girl who also survived WWII, and they both move to America together. As of today they are living in NYC. We rate this book 4 out of 5 stars because it gives a good description of WWII and still has enough excitement to keep you on your seat.
Text-Text (in class)
Chaya went to to a concentration camp and also got her hair shaved, numbers tattooed on her arm just like the main character in Prisoner B-3087 (Yenek). They both went through the same routine. Sleep, work, eat and sleep.
Prisoner B-3087 and Between Shades of Gray are similar because they both are about the life of a jew in World War 2. In Between Shades of Gray Lina and her family are taken away and forced to work in a camps. In Prisoner B-3087 Yanek is taken away and forced to work in camps. All though their life through this time are very different they also are similar.
Text to Text

Text to Self
I don't agree with I just read because in my own life I have everything I need to live. Yanek is living as a Jew during WWI when everything was taken away from him while the nazi ruled everything.

-Annie Blasius

World to Text
What i just read makes me think about war in Rwanda because it was also a genocide and thousands of people died because they weren't treated fairly.
1.The Nazis said that the Jews were less then animals and were marked twith the Star of David.
2.The Nazis then took signs that said "Germans protect your selves dont buy from Jews" in front of their stores.
3.They were forced to live in ghettos and anyone that spoke to them that were not jewish were punished.
4.They took their property and the Jews would never see it again. They were also given a curfew and anyone caught after was killed.
5.There were concentration and extermination camps to work the Jews to death or straight up kill them.
Wielicka Salt Mine
Jan. 3, 1933
Hitler took power.
Nazis decided depriving Jews of citizenship.
Hitler threatens Jews during Reichstug speech.
Nazis forced Jews to hand over gold and silver items.
Nazis occupy the Rhineland.
Russian liberate Budapest freeing over 80,000 Jews.
Soviet forces were the first to approach a major Nazi camp near Lublin, Poland.
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