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Jurassic Park

Plotline, Setting, and Themes of Jurassic Park

John Chen

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park by Micheal Crinchton Strange animal attacks Morris visits Dr Grant, breifs
him on wild animal attacks Visitors come to Jurrasic Park Dennis Nedery steals dino
embryos and shuts off power Tim, Lex, and Grant are
stranded in their jeep Dinosaurs escape Lex, Tim, and Grant
encounter a T-rex
eating a carcass They stumble upon
some raptors They are attacked by
pterodactyls They make their way
to the control room... ...Then they go to the
central power grid Ellie turns the
generator on Dennis Nedry is killed
by a Dilophosarus Ian Malcom is injured Power shuts off Costa Rican Air force
bomb the island Setting you are here Jurassic Park takes place
on the fictional island of
Isla Nublar, off the coast
of Coasta Rica T H E M E S Listen to your
peers comments
Never give up *cough* John Hammond *cough* Never take any
chances with
technology Look over
every detail Always have a
backup plan Protagonists Characters The main protagonists are ...
Alan Grant
Gerraro Antagonists The main antagonists are...
Dennis Nedry
The dinosaurs

(InGens corporate rival) This is Wayne Knight, Dennis's
actor in the movie adaptation Third Person Jurassic Park is told
entirely in third person "Absolutely. Very important
intuition. Actually, I was thinking
of fractals" Malcom said "Do you
Know about fractals?"

This is told in thirdperson
because instead of saying
I said, or he said, it says
Malcom said. Flat Character This is Isla Nublar,
the fictional Costa
Rican island on which Jurassic Park takes place This is Sam Neil,
The person who played
Alan Grant in the movie
adaptation of Jurassic
Park An example of a flat chacter is
John Hammond. Throughout the
novel, he is potrayed as a shrewd
and arrogant businessman. And
does not waver towards loving,
compassionate grandfather in
the entire novel Round Character An example of a round character is Alan Grant.
Throughout the book, he
play two roles. A scientist
and the gaurdian of the kids,
Tim and Lex
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