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trillion dollar footprint

No description

love Dance

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of trillion dollar footprint

trillion dollar footprint
linda berlinner, age 21
Linda Berlinner, a 21 year old aspiring cook, is very devoted to TDF, watching it every week. She has a cooking blog and was accused of stealing a recipe from a fellow online cook, though it could've been just an innocent mistake. Her MyFace profile and blog do not give out personal information.
meet the options
Linda has been accused of stealing a recipe online. She also cooks.
Jason was accused of drug usage as well as lying about his age and his wife. He is in a band.
Who should host this show?
trillion $ footprint needs a new host
Trillion Dollar Footprint is a reality TV show. The two finalists both have big faults, but the question is, whose digital footprint is just too negative to ignore?
jason kramer, age ?
Jason Kramer is... well, we don't know how old he is since his MyFace and entry age for the show are different. He says he has a wife but on MyFace his public profile hints otherwise. He was kicked off of his college wrestling team for alleged drug use and is also in a band.
linda's faults
jason's faults
who do you think is the best choice?
Copyright violations can get you in pretty big trouble, but drug use and tons of lies can give you much bigger reprocussions.
we think Linda is the best choice.
Here's why:
Linda has a cool talent (cooking)
Linda keeps her online information private and limited
Even though she is not 100% honest, she has a much cleaner digital footprint all in all.
choices made by...
Zella, Macy, and Jessie
thanks for watching!
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