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Ch. 8

No description

Jorge Dabah

on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of Ch. 8

Ch. 8
Merchandizing Modernism: Museums, Fairs, and Stores

The average american first learned about modern design through print sources between 1920 and 1950
Harold van Doren explains it nicely by saying "for merchandizing is something more than mere selling", from here we learn how modern design was merchandized into America
Ironically, the first American exhibition of Modern Art traveled the country in 1926 consisting of 400 French objects from the Paris Exhibition
The exhibition opened up in Boston in 1926 and traveled to the major cities in the U.S. introducing Modern Art as a new culture
Ice Cream Scoop, 1935
Cast aluminum, 7 x 1 ¾
Things in Common
Manufacturer: Roll Dippers, Inc. (formerly Zeroll Co.), Maumee, Ohio
Purchase Fund, 1956
Sherman L. Kelly
1940 New York World's Fair Souvenir Spoon
Designed in New York, 1937; manufactured in New York, 1940
Sterling Silver, 4 ⅛ in., 10 dwt.
Arthur Leroy Barney, designer American, 1884-1955
Tiffany and Company, anufacturer American, founded 1837
both are spoons
same time period
cast aluminum vs sterling silver
one has a sole use of ice cream scooping, while the other one can be used for many purposes
the shapes of both the spoon and handles differ
Key Features and Purpose
How is it Modern?
Key Features and Purpose
How is it Modern?
cast aluminum
unique, spherical spoon shape
used to scoop ice cream into balls
strong build to endure frozen foods
the shape of the mouth is precisely curved with modern machinary
same design is used nowadays
strong handle for a firm hold
thin and pointy handle
elegant look makes it seem lightweight yet durable
produced to show at New York World's Fair as part of the House of Jewels
the shape of the handle is modernly unique
the structure of the spoon correlates with the modern handle
not only is it a beautiful exhibit, it's practical
both represent a modern feel
both artists tried to relate to their modern users
even though they're both spoons, they each have a distinct usage
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