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The Skating Party

No description

natalie lachhman

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of The Skating Party

The message that this story conveys is that you do not choose who you love. This message is evident in this upcoming short film where it surrounds a love triangle between Eunice, Nathan and Delia. Throughout the course of the story, although Uncle Nathan loved his fiancée, he eventually fell for his fiancée’s sister, Delia. This story’s theme is clearly shown when Uncle Nathan chooses to save the life of Delia instead of Eunice’s which proves that you do not choose who you love.

This story
takes place in Willowbunch.
main sceneries
in this story are the Singletons House, farm, Stone Man Hill and the lake—where the skating party was held. This story
takes place

in the daytime,

evening and night-time
and it is assumed that the
setting was in the mid 1800’s
and was around winter, hence there being an outdoor skating party.

Mood / Atmosphere
From the short story it is evident that the mood(s) were mainly
eerie, clouded, romantic, tragic, lighter
. To elaborate, the story was
because of the tension being built up before the accident on the lake. The story was also romantic and tragic because of the love triangle between the main characters and the tragedy with Eunice’s death and Uncle Nathan’s decision. The reason I believe the story was clouded is because the author/narrator didn’t give much in tell until the end of the story. It was also a lighter feeling to the story because it wasn’t twisted and psychotic; for the most part it was calm. This story also was symbolic in terms of the stone man, love and the fur coat.


This story is a love triangle involving the characters: Delia, Eunice and Uncle Nathan. In the
of the story, Nathan fell in love with Delia, not realizing that she was married. He ended up attempting to fall out of love with Delia and in love with her sister, Eunice. This was a difficult process because Nathan’s first choice was indeed Delia and normally your first love is the one you’d think about forever. The Skating Party starts off with Madia telling a story about how her parents are very scared and do not tell her much. However, if it wasn’t for Uncle Nathan she wouldn’t know about the stone man. Madia’s mom Winnie told her about Uncle Nathan’s true love and the tragic story of the Skating Party.

The Skating Party
Natalie Lachhman, Melina Lima, Jane Gillard, Chloe Sewbans and Mathuvina Anantharajah
The story also consists of two different types of conflicts; which was external and internal. External is individual verses individual and internal is individual verses self.
Individual verses Individual refers to the two sisters: Delia and Eunice. During the engagement party the two sisters get into a heated argument over Uncle Nathan.
Individual verses self refers to Uncle Nathan and himself. He struggles to save the two sisters and only had minimal time to decide whom to save. He had to make a quick decision of who he loved more and how that decision would affect his future.


Uncle Nathan:
Selfish, confused, heroic, liar, guilty, logical
Selfish, self-centered, outgoing, suspicious, spontaneous
defensive, easy-going, quiet, shy
mature, curious, understanding and trustworthy

Took place in the 1800's in Willow Bunch during the winter season. (Singleton's home, farm, the lake and stone man hill).
Character Traits
Uncle Nathan:
selfish, confused, heroic, liar, guilty, logical

selfish, self-centered, outgoing, suspicious, spontaneous

defensive, easy going, quiet, shy

mature, curious, understanding, trustworthy
Eerie, romantic, tragic
Rising Action:
-Winnie telling Madia about Uncle Nathan's true love
-Skating party
-Photo Eunice and Delia
-Madia thinking about Delia
-Writing in journal
-Basic background information on family, farm, etc


Character vs Character
Character vs Self
-Death of Delia (fiancees sister)
Falling Action-
Telling the story of the Skating Party

Uncle Nathan realizing he made the right decision to save Delia

Love is a crazy thing and it makes people do crazy things, therefore you do not choose who you fall in love with.

- The Stone Man
In the story Uncle Nathan is portrayed as cold hearted man by willingly letting his fiance die. Since Uncle Nathan is not internally strong himself, likewise the Stone man it was easy landmark to take apart.
Situational Irony-
When Uncle Nathan told Madia that he knew who he saved (Delia). This would be situational irony because the readers expected that Eunice would have been saved hand Delia would have been saved accidently.
- "the sound of old winters was in his voice" this depicts an image in one's mind. When one thinks of winter, you think of cold, your throat would get dry and when you speak it would sound different. Stating "the sound of old winters was in his voice" let you know how he sounds when explaining the story to Madia.
"I would have expected love to call out love." This is a figure of speech because love is cannot verbally call out love, but it is a feeling.
Literary Devices
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