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Similarities and Differences between Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X

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Ryan Zaitoun

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Similarities and Differences between Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X

Similarities and Differences of
Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X

Birth: January 15th 1929 Atlanta Georgia

Death: Assassinated on April 4th 1968 Memphis Tennessee

Beliefs: He believed that all people should have the same rights and would gain it in a peaceful manner.

Great Accomplishments: Won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964, Leader of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, March on Washington in 1963, and Leader of the Civil Rights movement.

Cool Facts: His Real Name was Michael Luther King but was then changed to Martin.

Copy Paste the text below.


Birth: May 19th 1925 Omaha Nebraska

Death: Assassinated February 21st 1965, New York City.

Beliefs: Believed that African Americans should gain their rights by "Any means necessary" in a non violent way such as "Separatism"

Great Accomplishments: One of the leaders of the Nation of Islam, founded the Muslin Mosque inc. and spoke at the Unity rally at Harlem.

Cool Facts: Real name was Malcolm Little and changed to Malcolm X because he thought Little was a slave name.

Malcolm X
Martin Luther King Jr.
Believed in getting
equal rights by "any
means necessary"
in ways such as
They both worked
to get equal rights
Believed that African
Americans should gain
their rights in a peaceful
manner without violence
Won Nobel Peace Prize
says that whites
are "a race of devils"
after what they did to
his father.
Both of their houses
were destroyed at
some point.
Treated everyone equally no matter their race.
Used to be a criminal.
Both were
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