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Circle Loom Weaving

No description

Cassie Stephens

on 11 July 2016

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Transcript of Circle Loom Weaving

Circle Loom Weaving
Warping the Loom
* Place Yarn in Any Notch
* Secure Back with Tape
* Place Long End at Bottom
* Long End of Yarn to bottom
* 9 Empty Notches on Right Side
* Pull Yarn to the Top
* Place Yarn in Notch on Side with 9 Notches
* Rotate Plate Placing Yarn at Bottom
* Repeat Steps of Bringing Yarn to the Top
* Continue Warping Until Complete
* Extra String Becomes Weft
* Use Weft to Weave Counter Clockwise
* To Weave, Take Weft Over and Under
* After Weaving Around a Few Times, Pull Yarn to Middle
* To Add More Yarn, Double Knot to End of Other Yarn
* Try Adding Beads
* Once Finished, Tie End of Weaving Yarn to One of the Wefts
* Add a Strand of Yarn to the Back to Hang
Mexican Landscape Tree Weaving
* Secure the Yarn at the Bottom with Tape
* Use Tree Weaving Template
* 10 Notches at Top
* 2 Notches at Bottom
* Warp the Yarn from the Bottom
* In a Notch at the Top and Out
* Repeat Until at the Bottom
* Wrap Extra Yarn around Base of Tree
* Anchor End of Yarn to Warp Yarn
* Begin Weaving Over and Under
* Once Complete with One Row, Loop Back to Other Side
* Continue Adding More Yarn and Weaving Until Tree is Full
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