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Kittery Water Shuttle Presentation

Marketing Workshop

Bess Renfer

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Kittery Water Shuttle Presentation

Kittery Water Shuttle Service Today's Topics Statement of Work
Proposed Route
Research Methodology
Focus Group
Recommended Service
Refined Route
Transportation Options
Proposed IMC Strategy
Final Reccomendations Statement of Work Assess the feasibility of implementing a water shuttle service
from Kittery, Maine to Portsmouth, New Hampshire First Proposed Route: Constraint Water Shuttle Route
Docking areas
Launching Area
Portsmouth Location
Prescott Park vs. Isles of Shoals Steamboat Co. Research Methodology: Survey Purpose Determine desire for alternative transportation
Familiarity with area
Likelihood of visiting both ME and NH in one day Began Surveying
February 28th, 2010 over 170 surveys collected Likelihood of Taking
Alternative Transportation between Kittery and Portsmouth Likelihood of Portsmouth and
Kittery in the same day Research Methodology: Focus Group
April 6th, 2010
10 participants "Very Good Idea, Well Over Due!" "We have the area, we're just not making full use of it." Research Methodology: Test Marketing Event TRAVAPALOOZA Possible Solutions Trolley and Water Shuttle Combination Drives from Kittery Outlets to Pepperrell Cove
Passengers continue on to Fort Foster then to Prescott Park in Portsmouth by water shuttle Duck Boat Duck boat picks passengers up on land in Kittery Outlets
Drives to Pepperrell Cove where it enters the water
Motors to Fort Foster and Prescott Park to final destination Proposed Integrated Marketing Communications Print
- magazine
- newspaper
- travel guides
- brochures
- radio
- social media networks
- out-door advertising
- movie theaters
- playbills “Good idea, but Spruce Creek is tidal and rapidly changing.” 68% duck boat
32% trolley/water shuttle combo Kittery Chickadee Questions? Jocelyn Collins
Victoria Gellatly
Megan Honey
Daniel Lundquist
Stephanie Mitchell
Katlyn Monteiro
Timothy Mueller
Bess Renfer
Caitlin Shea
Final Reccommendations
The Kittery Chickadee Online Media YouTube Video Promotion Pepperrell Cove Reconstruction Project

Option #1
Oultlet trolley implemented first
Add high-speed boat from Pepperrell Cove to Portsmouth
Hire out boat service

Option #2
The Kittery Chickadee
Research showed more popular option
Long-term benefits could outweigh costs
Hire out or buy the boat

Captain & Patty's THANK YOU!
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