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Bigfoot: The Mystery Explained

No description

Connor Moore

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Bigfoot: The Mystery Explained

Bigfoot: The Mystery Explained...
Possible Explanation #1: - Gigantopitheus Blacki
- A large primate
- Bones have been found in China
- Similar to a primitive human; have some language skills, culture
- Have opposable thumbs, flat face, large brain

Possible Explanation #2: Alien Transplant
- Some UFO sightings in line with Bigfoot Reports
- Aliens may have brought sasquatch
- Brought to earth to serve some sort of porpose
- Reports are usually not credible

Possible Explanation #3: Attention Ploy
- Witnesses have been ridiculed and accused to be using substances
- Media approaches matter with seriousness or "an open mind"
- Some reports have been proven hoax but some still remain to be true
- Would be easy to fake the video footage and photos
- Costumes

My Opinion
- Real
History of Bigfoot

- Pre - 1958 Bigfoot (or Sasquatch) was just a myth and a religious creature worshiped by the First Nations Peoples
- In 1958 Jerry Crew found large tracks near Bluff Creek, California
- This is where the name “Bigfoot” originates from
- A photo was taken of Bigfoot
- There have been thousands of Bigfoot sightings since then
- In 2011 a show called “Finding Bigfoot” hit TV’s across North America

Point of View #1
- People do believe that Bigfoot exists
- There is sufficient evidence (i.e Bigfoot tape)
- It can't be a human with the amount of sightings and locations
Point of View #2
- People say that the photos and evidence is fake and photoshopped
- The prints found are pranks played by people to scare others
- People dress up to have a good laugh and freak people out
- Some photos dont have animals in them


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