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New France!

No description

Ragavi Rajkumar

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of New France!

New France / Canadian History!
Hmmmmm..... I wonder who were the first people to discover Canada. Oh yah! Isn't it the indians and the french. Hi! My name is Ragavi and my name is Kavneet and today we'll be talking to you about New France!!!
New France was created a long time ago. It all started when the people from Asia and Australia were getting tortured by their enemies. They got hit and burnt and many other hurtful things. One day the water from the oceans turned into ice and the people getting tortured ran over the ice to a different piece of land. When their enemies tried to follow them the ice melted and they no longer were able to follow. The area they found was new where no one lived. Now that area is known as Labrador. They had winter for 6 months straight and it was hard to get food so they would kill caribou and deers for food. For money and skin pelts they had a trading post which they would trade furs and many others. One day a kid died and they wrapped the kid like a mummy and left him at the land for the new comers to know how New France was before.
How we Formed New France!
Samuel de Champlain
Northwest Coast American Indians
Samuel de Champlain is a hero to us because he helped us a lot to form New France (Canada). Samuel de Champlain was a french explorer and navigator who used maps to search most of the northeastern side of north America. Did you know Samuel de Champlain helped us go to wars, make houses and many more thoughtful things. It takes a lot of time and courage to do that and looking at before when there was no machines and hard to find resources it would be hard! Samuel de Champlain at one point was actually governor at 1633. Champlain stayed at the Quebec settlement for several years untill the English took the fort at Quebec, July, 1629. On christmas day ( December 25th ) Samuel de Champlain died. This was because Samuel de Champlain was alone with no one so he died due to him commiting suicide and/or he had a heart stroke along with it. When Samuel de Champlain went to war he had many people to fight against the Iroquois. He had some french explorers, the hurons and the algonquin people.
Iroquois Clothing
Iroquois Alliance
Iroquois Tribes!
The Iroquois Tribe List=

Fur Trade
The Iroqouis were native americans who lived in the U.S/Eastern woodlands and tried to take the hurons land/fort. The Iroquois original name was the Kanonsionni because of they're shelter. The Iroquois have 6 tribes. Those 6 tribes are actually the 6 nations of the Iroquois which created one large group. It used to be 5 tribes but when another tribe joined (1722) it became 6 tribes/nations. Now they are called Heudenosaunee. Did you know the Iroquois Indians were enemies of the french because they refused to share the land. The men were very good hunters so they would go to find food while the women would use that food to cook/prepare the food and weave clothing. There houses were either long houses or a short round house made out of trees called a wigwam.
Hurons (Wyandot/Wendat people)
Huron Indians Clans
-One House Lodge
-Cord Clan
-Rock Clan
-Deer Clan
-Bear Clan
Iroquois used natural materials to make clothing. When they hunt for food they would kill animals for example deers or caribous and with the skin they have left over they would make clothes with it. They might also trade in stuff for tiny pieces of pelts. Some men take the feathers from the dead birds and put it in their hair. Natural materials to make into clothes wood be fibres from any plant or tree they would find. They only where animal skin and fibres because back then they didnt shave sheeps and take theyre cotton and take all there time to create fresh new looking clothes it was not a hard thing for them to do back the because of theyre men but now a days we have all the facilaties to make clothes out of yarn while back then they would wear animal skin/pelts.
The Iroquois had many Alliances. All of the first nations had alliances with other first nations there alliances are: for trading, for miltary action or for protection. This all comes in need because there may be a alliance which each nation may not be able to fight each other and there will be a balance between the power.
What is a Alliance?
A alliance is a fromal agreement or treaty between two or more nations to cooperate for specific purposes.
The Hurons are native americans which have three names. Wyandot people, Wendat people or the Hurons. The hurons speak the Wyandot language. Wyandot is the Iroquoian language which is traditionally spoken by the Hurons. Did you know Wyandot was last spoken in Quebec and Oklahoma. The Hurons were the enemies of the Iroquois. Samuel de champlain faught with the Hurons against the Iroquois. When the Iroquois were coming back to have another battle the Hurons got ready and they brought the french to help them but instead the french got them sick by bringing diseases.
Table of Contents
2. How we Formed New France
3. Samuel de Champlain
4. Iroquois
5. Iroquois Tribe
6. Iroquois Clothing
7. Iroquois Alliance
8. Hurons (Wyandot/Wendat People)
9. Huron Tribe List
The French
Northwest Coast American Indian Tribe List
- Quinault - Quileute - Haisla
- Umpqua - Heiltsuk - Haida
- Siuslaw - Puget Sound Salish - Alsea
- Twana - Klallam - Bella Bella
- Straits Salish - Pentlatch - Cowlitz
- Tututni - Kwakiutl - Comox
- Takelma - Nootka - Bella Coola
- Tsimshian - Makah - Chehalis
- Tillamook - Nooksack - Clatskanie
- Tlingit - Nisgra-Gitksan - Chinook
10. The french
11. Northwest Coast Americans
12. Northwest Coast American Tribe List
We hope you enjoyed this prezi on
New France/ The Canadia History. We think you guys learned a bit more about New France. Any questions or comments???
Picture Box #2
Picture Box #1
The french were people who came from france to help the Hurons for battle. The french people had dieseases which they braught to the hurons (Wyandots). A man name Samuel de Champlain was one of the first explorers from France to come to New france (Canada). He was the one who invited the french to come to New France. He built his own trading post for a place to live and to trade stuff. After he came many other explorers and navigators came and thats how the french was a part of New France (Canada).
By: Ragavi and Kavneet!
The fur trade is a place where people worldwide trade in furs for items or they will trade in items which are valuable for furs. The fur trade is also for skin pelts because back in New France beaver skin pelts were very valuable and expensive. This has been happening since the 17th and 19th Centuries ( nearly 250 years). At the fur trade they would sell wild animal furs or forested animals furs any didnt matter it was usually based on which animal it was and how rare it was. Back in new france common furs would be a couple of bits while rare furs would be much more expensive.
Northwest Coast American Indians lived in popular clans with almost a population of 250,000. These American Indians were at the Pacific Coast area which was near the Vancouver Islands and the Queen Charlotte Islands. These American indians had many tribes because there area was very large. This area had a beautiful climate, many heavy rainfalls and there forests were very dark.
14. Picture Box #1
15. Picture Box #2
16. Conclusion
Some of our websites are.....
1. Google Images
2. Wikipedia
3. EnchantedLearning.com (Samuel de Champlain)
4. Jacques Cartier, Explorer and Navigator
5. The Iroquois, Canadian History
6. Algonquin People
What is New France?
New France was a area which part of the french people first came to Canada through the exploration of the Saint Lawrence River. The first french explorer who came to New France was Jacques Cartier. He discovered this land during 1534. He was born on December 31st 1491 and died on September 1st 1557. The Capital of New France is known as Quebec City in Quebec. Did you know that in french you say Nouvelle-France for New france?
The Algonquin people were a group of Native Americans who had a large population of 11,000 and lived from virgina stretched to the Rocky Mountains and North to the Hudson Bay.
The Algonquins speak various languages. 4 of their languages would be English, French, Algonquin and Ojibwe. The Algonquins first met Europeans during a party led by Samuel de Champlain. Did you know the Algonquins called them selves the Omamiwinini or the Anicinape?
1. What is New France?
13. Algonquins
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