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Managing the Relationship

No description

Darren Mckee

on 28 September 2016

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Transcript of Managing the Relationship

Set the Expectations
Asking the right questions can help create the expectations...
Manage Change!
From: Deficit theorizing to Appreciative, Agentic Thinking
This Requires Courageous Leadership
What is your Agency?

My grandfathers message
Understanding the Roles
Do we know what everyone in the relationship wants? Needs?
Embrace the Tension
Tension is required but must be managed...
Managing the Relationship - Walking the line...

5 key questions
1 What is the issue we are trying to solve?
2. What does success look like for each of us?
3. How can we all think differently about this issue?
4. Which option best solves the issue for each of us?
5. What prevents us from taking this action?
It's All Physics
What happens with no tension?

What happens with too much tension?

How do we best manage the right tension?

How are we using pressure and support? What happens?
Kouzes & Pozner
1. Model the Way
2. Enable Others to Act
3. Challenge the Process
4. Encourage the Heart
5. Inspire a Shared Vision
Let's talk about the brain first!

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