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Marco Polo - Renaissance Assignment

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Shannon Veit

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Marco Polo - Renaissance Assignment

Marco Polo was born in Venice, Italy in 1254. His mother died in 1260, so he was raised by his aunt and uncle. His aunt and uncle were rich, and they taught him about foreign currency and appraising. Marco's uncle and father traveled to China in 1262, and met Kublai Khan, the ruler of China. His father and uncle returned from China and took Marco with them in 1271. This was Marco's first journey. After three years, they arrived in China and Marco met Kublai Khan. He also studied the language and learned to speak it. In 1275, Kublai Khan sent Marco on a mission and decided that he would work for him. In 1280 - 1292, Marco worked for Kublai Khan and even became the ruler of one of the Chinese cities. In 1295, Marco and his family returned home to Venice and discovered it was at war with Genoa. In 1298, Marco was captured and became a prisoner of war. In prison, he told his stories to a writer, who wrote them all down. In 1299, Marco was released, but still was a prisoner of war. In 3000, Marco got married, age 46, and had three daughters. In 1307, the writer published the book about Marco's travels and everybody was fascinated with the world of the Chinese. Marco Polo died at age 70 in 1324. His travels inspired many other explorers. Over 100 years after his death, 1453, explorers copied his journey to China based on his maps. Marco's name was honored in 1851. The first ship to sail around the world in under six months was called Marco Polo.
About Marco Polo:
Name: Marco Polo
Birth: 15th September, 1254
Death: 8th January, 1324, aged 70
Place of Birth: Venice, Italy
Place of Death: Venice, Italy
Occupation: Explorer, Journalist
Marco Polo is best known for being a merchant and going on adventures. He traveled from Europe to Asia in 1271 - 1295.
How did he influence the Renaissance period?
Marco Polo influenced the Renaissance period by bringing back inventions and ideas from his travels. Some things he introduced to Europe were; Pasta, Paper Money, Coal, Lenses, Gunpowder, Silk and Spices.
Used in many Italian recipes.
Paper Money:
Revolutionized finance and commerce in Europe.
Provided an efficient source of heat to Europe.
Used in glasses for people who had trouble seeing. Later used in the telescope.
Revolutionized Europe's warfare.
Used for new clothing.
Used in many Italian recipes.
What is the impact of his contribution to life today?
By Shannon Veit 8A
Marco Polo
Marco Polo's Life Timeline:
Marco Polo was born
Marco's mother died
Marco's father met the ruler of China
Marco began traveling
Marco arrived in China
Marco's first mission
Marco began working for Kublai Khan
Marco returned home
Marco became a prisoner of war
Marco was released from prison
Marco got married
Marco became famous
Marco Polo died
Marco's journey was copied
Marco Polo's name was honored
Map of his journey
The first ship to sail around the world in less than six months
Throughout his travels, Marco Polo brought back ideas and inventions. If he hadn't of gone on these journeys, the modern world might not of had lots of inventions, Christopher Columbus might not have been inspired to become an explorer and discover America and Europe may not have had politics, agriculture, military power, economy, burial systems, and religion.
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