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Untitled Prezi

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Katelyn Imbornoni

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Hattie and the Fox Hattie tries to warn her barnyard friends that danger
is near, but her friends disregard her warnings, saying rude things such as "so what" and "who cares". Koala Lou Mem Fox Harriet, You'll Drive Me Wild Harriet is a clumsy girl who often makes messes in her house. However, she always apologizes when she makes a mess.

Think about Harriet's mom and the way she behaves in this book.

Do you think she shows good self-control? Why or why not? Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge Think-Pair-Share Discovering Virtues
Through the Characters of Mem Fox What are some words and
phrases to describe Koala Lou? What values does Koala Lou demonstrate?

How do you know? What value is Hattie displaying in this
situation? How do you know? In what ways does the character of Wilfred Gordon show respect in this book? THINK about one value we have learned about through Mem Fox's literature.

How do you show this value in your own life?

PAIR with a partner to share your answers.

SHARE out with the class Final Project Summary Statement: Introduction: This presentation is meant to be used as a supplement to an Author Study unit on Mem Fox. This presentation is meant to be used with students who have already studied Fox's works and have participated in a good deal of discussion, role-play, and reflection about values, character, and morality.

In addition, this presentation is best used on an interactive whiteboard as there are many opportunities to record student answers to the questions posed during this presentation. What would you have said
to your friends if you were in
Hattie's situation? Justice, integrity, wisdom and humility are the moral values that make up the core of my character.

As a moral model, one strength is my ability to reflect on my behavior and choices. I often model this process for my students and encourage them to do so through questioning techniques. I also feel that I am adept at creating meaningful connections and relationships with my students which benefits not only my students, but enriches my life as well.

I hope to share what I have learned through this course and subsequent courses with my school’s staff and hope to be a model teacher in terms of the ways in which I incorporate character and values-based education into the curriculum and into my classroom.

In the future I plan to continue to explore ways in which to meaningfully address values-based education and problem-solving in my classroom as well as find new ways to incorporate this content into my district’s curriculum. I also look to further my ability to create a collaborative, safe, positive classroom community.

Katelyn Imbornoni, EDGR 502, Developing Character Through Curriculum, Concordia University References:
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