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How to Write a Research Paper

No description

rachel argueta

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of How to Write a Research Paper

8 6 2 1 Step Number One The preparation
No spacing
12 point font
Times new roman
Double spaced
Insert Page number 3-enter last name
Teachers name
date Example MLA Format Step number 2 The question You must come up with a question for your research paper. It can not be a yes or no question. It must be a question that needs elaboration and thought. Once you develop your question you know what you are searching for. This question becomes your title momentarly. 2 Example Step Number 3 Research 3 Start your research. Collect quotes or sayings that answer your question. Pick quotes you understand or can relate to. After you pick them explain how it answers the question or what it means. If you choose to go back and write why you picked it, you most likely will have already forgotten why you picked it. Never copy and paste the information. If done, the structure of the research paper will be altered. You wouldn't like to go back and fix everything all over again. Example Step Number 4 Highlight the information that answers your question Quote/Paraphrase Research 4 It is important to cite information you copied. If you do not it will be known as plagiarism. You must write the page number down and write the authors name. If you do not know how to cite the information find out! Like Dr.Girffin says " Don't ask, don't guess, find out!". A helpful website is Owl.english.perdue.edu , it can guide you on how to cite every possible source you can think of. Sources such as the internet, an article or book. Example Step Number 5 organize
Title- Works cited
heading is hanging
Owl website- for format 5 This is the part where you choose what information you want on your research paper. After you have gathered all the quotes from the author or various authors, pick the information you think answers your question the best. It must be information you understand and can develop a paragraph on. Work Cited format Want to learn how to cite information? Visit the OWL website! Example Step Number 6 Identify thesis After you have chosen what quotes answer your question you can now develop a thesis. You have to ask yourself how all your quotes relate to each other. Once you have figured that out then can you move forward to title your research paper Example Step Number 7 Develop Paragraphs 7 Now that you have all the information you need you can now develop your paragraphs. Start each paragraph with the phrase
"The main idea of this paragraph is.." (what is the topic of discussion)
and for the next
"According to.." (Cite the quote and author)
and the following
"In other words.." (explain what the quote means to you)
"For example.." ( Give an example relating to the quote)
and the concluding sentence
"This relates to the thesis because.." ( How does the quote relate to the title of your research paper)
For the following paragraphs before you write the main idea of this paragraph is you will begin the paragraph with the phrase
" This quote relates to the one above because..." Example High light the transitional phrases! How to Write a
Research Paper by Rachel Argueta Step Number 8 intro Step Number 9 MLA Format Work cited page the choices are endless! Other helpful transitional phrases try other lead ins, the same ones get boring! Conclusion Step Number 10 Edit Begin your introduction by stating your thesis. 9 Start off your conclusion with a concluding sentence such as "After all", " In all" and others. Take information from each paraphragh. Summarize what you learned and explain why the research project was important. Example Example Read all the main ideas of your paragraph and create a quote or phrase that summorizes all of them. Keep it short and straight to the point. Your last sentence should be a transitional sentence that flows into your next paragraph. This is the most important step. Now you go back and delete the phrases such as "The main idea of this paragraph is.." , " This relates to the thesis because.." and the final one "This quote relates to the one above because...." You might question why you need to delete it, but once you delete it, you have a full complete sentence.
If its not in a complete sentence you might want to rethink what the paragraph means to you. Then use the research paper check list. This will help you find mistakes in your parapgrah. Make sure you research paper is no longer than two pages minimum Example In the end you have
the best research paper ever! :)
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