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IDEO Business Model Canvas

No description

Julian Waters-Lynch

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of IDEO Business Model Canvas

IDEO Business Model Framework Click through and fill in the blanks for your
business model generator. Market Segments What group(s) of people benefit from the value proposition, how many are there are now in the future Channel Distribution Marketing How is the value proposition delivered to the
consumer? (distribution channel) How is the value communicated to the consumer? (marketing channel) Pricing Model How will we price the proposition, whether
it be fixed, variable or subscription pricing? Includes alternative sources of revenue, particularly important if the consumer is not expected to pay The offer to the consumer including how and why it addresses their needs or fulfills their job to be done. How would consumers themselves describe the benefit? How do we plan to grow and what do we hope our organisation will be in five years?

Do we plan to sell and if so to who and when? Competitive Strategy Who are the existing competitors and how will we
react to them and likely new entrants into the space?
Why will we win? Value Proposition Growth Strategy Costs Partners Who will we need to partner with?

What inputs are we dependent on in
order to develop the value proposition? Capabilities The skills we need to create the value proposition, particularly the team. How much will it cost to initially
develop the value proposition?

How much will it cost to
subsequently market and deliver it? Profitability Business Model Generation Tool Click through and fill in the blanks for your
business model generator.
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