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Mount Rushmore

Katelyn Goodman

Christine Goodman

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Mount Rushmore

Katelyn Goodman Mount Rushmore How it Represents America Fun Facts! The presidents on Mount Rushmore heads are about 60 feet tall!
No one died building Mount Rushmore
Washington's nose is bigger than the rest of the noses!
Gutzon Borglum, the famous sculptor, was 74 when they finished Mount Rushmore Resources http://www.buzzle.com/
http://rvjourneyisthedestination.blogspot.com/2010/10/south-dakota.html Kids Imitate Mount Rushmore Thank You for watching! This has been a Katelyn Goodman production. The idea started in South Dakota, in 1923.
They started building it in 1927. A famous sculptor,Gutzon Borglum, helped with Mt. Rushmore.He used a greek method of sculpting. The 4 presidents
he carved where, George Washington,
Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. It took 14 years to build Mt. Rushmore. Mount Rushmore represents America because it makes us remember the history of America. The presidents were chosen because they all did something great. George Washington was the first president of The United States. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. Theodore Roosevelt changed business for America. Abraham Lincoln stopped slavery. History
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