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Mai Ya Xiong

No description

nicole clark

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Mai Ya Xiong

Mai Ya Xiong
Mai ya xiong was born in 1980
Mai ya has 2 brothers and 2 sister. So in all there is 7 people in her family.
In Madsion, Wisconsin
In school Mai ya had to have a person ID. 25 years ago Mai ya was the first hmong student in her school. Shela cohen was her favorite teacher. She was her favorite teacher because she spoke Mai ya's language too.
Well i guess since Mai ya is hmong i guess she specks she must speck a hmong language i guess. But she never understood the american language. It took her years to figure out what each word was and ment. Soon she was able to help her siblings with their problems.
The End
I hope that this helps you learn that mai ya xiong was not just a ordinary girl shes be to a lot of places and got kicked out of her own house. So i hope that now you know how Mai ya xiong is. Thanks for watching
Moving Time
In 1987 Mai ya and her family left the refugee camp because of a uncle in Wisconsin. They moved to Madison, Wisconsin. It was hard because they did not speck the english.
Mai ya is still alive today. She's 34 years old. Mai ya had a big family. She has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. thats 5 kids. Last Mai use to have trouble specking englisgh.
When Mai ya left her home her and her family got sent to a refugee camp called ban vinai.They were sent there because they got pushed out of their home because of war. She was only 7 years old. This camp was in Thailand. In 1987 when mai ya was 7 her and her family moved out of refugee camp thanks to a uncle that is already in Wisconsin.
Fun Facts
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