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The Pearl Plot Diagram

By: John Steinback

Barnabas Kwok

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of The Pearl Plot Diagram

By: John Steinback The Pearl Introduction: Kino and Juana were a lovely couple living in a brush house stablized on the shore of la Paz. (Kino awakens.... heard the little spash of morning waves on the beach) They were classified as the poor and lived a simple life as their ancestors. Everyone else existence was similar, for they were all among the same class. (Perhaps he did this and all of his people did it) They had nothing valuable but a canoe. The canoe was passed down from Kino's ancestors, and could guarantee food for their family. The atmosphere of the coast was usually foggy. It makes the art of the coastline unclear, and shadows upcoming happenings. (...far shore diappeared into a shimmer. No certainty in see, and the people expected all places were that way) The whole narrative started to ascend when Coyotito got stung by a scorpion. Kino and Juana needed a doctor to heal their precious newborn baby, however, the doctor refused due to his selfishness and greed. Without a choice, Juana could do nothing much to help but pray and attempt to suck the vemon out of the body. Unexpectedly, Coyotito started to heal.

There was always days where they take their canoes and go searching for pearls. Misfortune started to rise against Kino’s family when he discovered “The Pearl”. The first mishap which occurred after Kino found the pearl was Coyotito being mistreated on purpose. Kino questioned the doctor’s intentions when he perceived him coming, nothing was done to prevent him treating Coyotito. It made Coyotito worse than before. Rising Action: Rising Action: The climax of the story occurred when Kino and Juana were pursued by a bunch of trackers. If they ended up caught, they'd probably end up squandering their lives and the last resource of changing their destiny. Kino realized there was no actual chance of creating a massive lead off their hunters, and decides to hide Juana and Coyotito in a safe place. Kino originally planned to ambush them during their sleep, however, Coyotito lets out a sounding cry, which interrupted their sleep. Kino executed all three trackers with his knife and snatching the rifle off one of the trackers. Climax: Theme: The theme of the book explains the inborn attributes of man. It shows how much we treasure earthly desires, and exposes the evil; the mystical dark, and horrendous side of one that seems to be completely natural. It also shows how wealth, luxury and earthly values can discover one's greed. Character Development: Kino: The protagonist of the story, he was a pearl diver. He was known as a simple, content, hardworking man with strong beliefs. His reputation among his peers was considerably positive. However, once he found the pearl of the world, he started to dream about his family leaving the class of the poor, and dreamt about Coyotito receiving education. He also dreamt of rifles and clothes; a kind of equipment that the people of his class would not afford to acquire. He became desperate to sell his pearl for his family's future. His chose to believe in the pearl, even when lots of misfortune surrounded him. He started to lose himself when he was on his way to sell his pearl, he beat up his wife and his hands was engraved with blood. All that is due to the greed brought up by the pearl. At the end, he realized he had already lost all that he could lose, and threw away the pearl. Juana: She's the wife of Kino, and who would simply do anything for him and their family. When the events of misfortune began to drag Juana’s family down, she always thought of the pearl as an evil, corrupted, wicked stone that won’t help their life but only make their life worse. She also believes in a divine spirit, but never really distinguished who or what it was. She told Kino to throw the pearl in the beginning, but never actually did anything to stop him. However, when the misfortune really started to drag Kino’s family deep inside the hole, she tried to throw the pearl away but did not succeed. She was more content with what she had than Kino, for she never really thought about how the pearl would change their lives, and was happy at their present living style. Character Development During the night before Kino left La Paz to the capital, Juana secretly took the pearl. Her goal was to throw it back into where it was dicovered. Unfortunately, Kino was awoken during her departure, and quietly tracked her. Juana was apprehended during the process of throwing the pearl, and she ended up beaten up by her husband. Kino had lost himself by then. (Kino looked down at her and his teeth were bared. He hissed at her like a snake, and Juana stared at him with wide unfrightened eyes.) On Kino's way back, he got into a fight with men who tried to steal the pearl. Kino successfully drives them away, and ends up murdering one. Juana pleads to leave, for they would be hunted down. On they got near the shore, they noticed that their canoe and house was destroyed, and nothing could be done to stop the devil of greed. Kino kept moving on, claiming he would "win the war", despite losing many battles already. Rising Action The pearl that was in Kino hands was a mirror, it reflected their greed and jealousy in their people’s eyes. The people were trying to land the pearl into their arms. One night, Kino was cut and injured during midnight. He caught someone finding the pearl in his house, but the thief failed to find it, but it was hidden underground. He knew his whole family was in danger, and knew it had to be sold soon, or it will eventually be in the hands of the greed. He and his brother, Juan Tomas walked bravely up to street to the pearl buyers. However, 2 of the pearl buyers refused to sell it to him, for it's size was beyond the size of a normal pearl, and claimed the pearl as an 'exotic' one. One of the pearl buyers accepted to have the pearl, but didn't set a reasonable price, and Kino left for the capital. Kino knew he was being cheated, for he believed that the pearl was one of a kind. While planning the trip to the capital, Kino's family was caught right in the middle of the adversity. He's one of the main individuals of the novel, despite a baby, he's carries a huge role in the story and represents the most important thing in our lives, for he was the most important substance in Kino's family. Ill-fortune events happened to Coyotito the most, even though he was the most innocent. He got stung by a scorpion, mistreated by a doctor, and shot in the end. It shows how greed can make us lose the most valuable thing. Coyotito: part 1 part 2 part 3 Falling action: When Kino arrived back to the cave with a rifle in his hands, and prepared to move on, he realized he lost his one and only child, Coyotito. He hears the song of death ringing in his ears nonstop. They ended their journey to the capital and took a detour back to La Paz. Resolution: In the end, Kino and Juana returns to the village without coyotito. Kino, with Juana by his side walked to the shore dignified, and threw the pearl of the world back into the deep, dark, and indistinct body of water. Kino realized what he believe was hope, a better future and the ability to have a different life than any of his ancestors didn't have, ended up with any other conclusion but loss.
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