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Copy of Linda Burgar Campaign

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Kelsey Hernandez

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Linda Burgar Campaign

Linda Burgar Campaign
Platform; Environment
Platform; Jobs
The United States has an unemployment rate of 5.8% and 610,042 of Americans are homeless with 67% over 25 years old. Our ultimate goal is putting Americans back to work by rebuilding our infrastructure and creating more jobs to decrease the unemployment rate. We would first increase the minimum wage to $10.00 an hour making it easier to get out of poverty. We would end tax loopholes for corporations, provide tax cuts for small businesses and invest in a clean energy economy.
Platform; Immigration
With an estimated amount of 313 million illegal immigrants in the United States we believe that our new laws and policies will help the issue. Thousands of people are crossing the border each day and with stricter border control we believe that not only will we be helping Americans but we would also be helping immigrants that are already in the U.S. There is many things you have to do in order to become a citizen making the process difficult. In order to become a citizen you would have to at least lived in the United States for 7 years. Your criminal record would have to be clean. Teen or children immigrants have to have an education or be attending school.Work visas would be available where you would be able to work in the U.S for up to two years and have to return for at least a year to your home country.
Linda Burgar
Moderate Republican
Age: 50
Gender: female
Residence: Richmond, Virginia
Profession: lawyer
Education: Stanford
Family: Married, two kids

Due to global warming, laws will be passed to improve our planet's pollution. Around the world there is big buildings, companies, and factories that use up a large amount of energy. To make it more eco-friendly we would enforce the use of solar panels for large industries. In addition cars are also a big part of the environment issue. Cars include a combustion of a fossil fuel which is a process that emits gases and affects the ozone layer. In order to increase the use of emission free vehicles, the value of the vehicle will be decreased, making it more affordable for Americans. In today's water stress, drastic limitations to water usage will be enforced. Because of the absent use of recycling bins in restaurants, businesses, big buildings, and households, one would have to be in use in each. In conclusion, big changes will be taken in order to improve not only America's environment but in hope for the rest of the world as well.
Campaign Ads
Definite states
California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma

These states are heavily populated with immigrants that will benefit from our immigration laws. With their votes we have a higher probability to gain not only latino votes but also immigrants from all over the world that are going through the same obstacles. It would make it easier for them if they had minimal standards to become a citizen. Our ultimate goal is to help them feel safe and secure in their own country instead of always being scared of the people who are supposed to protect them.
Definite States
New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Illinios

Because of their large population they have a heavily polluted environment. They would vote for us because they would benefit from our new laws and policies to help fight climate change. It would help eliminate fossil fuels and other gases that affect the ozone layer. Not only will it help fight global warming but it will also help other countries follow in our footsteps and start a global movement.
Definite States
Alaska, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama

These states have a high percentage of unemployment. By creating more jobs and increasing the minimum wage this could lower the percentage rate. Creating new laws and policies would benefit them and the economy. With our contribution we can establish plans to help people out of poverty. By showing that we care about their family and health not only will we gain their support but have a higher chance of gaining other peoples support too.
Indefinite States
Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine

These states are originally democratic from past elections and unlikely to vote for a republican candidate. Our main focuses don't directly benefit them. They are environmentally stable and have a low percentage of immigrants. Because their unemployment rate is low our laws and policies don't satisfy their issues.
Battleground States
Idaho, Wyoming, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, New Hampshire

In past elections, these states have voted for both democratic and republican candidates. In order to gain their votes we would try to resolve their main concerns. Our platform issues generalize the main problems in America making our solutions apply to them as well. We would heavily campaign in their areas to show that we care about making changes and about America.
Currently, earth is experiencing climate change which is affecting not only us humans but all the other living species that we share this planet with. Development of diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema are caused by pollution. The main causes of pollution is cars, factories and big businesses that release fossil fuels and other gasses into the ozone layer. In order to fight this issue the price of emission free vehicles will be decreased in order to make it more affordable for Americans. To conserve energy, the use of solar panels in big buildings, companies and factories will be enforced. We should begin to educate schools about how important our environment is and how much it can affect their future. By cleaning our communities and conserving our national parks we are also creating jobs for Americans.
The unemployment rate in the United States is up to 5.8% and there 610,042 that are homeless. By raising the minimum wage to $10.00 an hour we hope that it would help Americans out of poverty. Ending tax loopholes for corporations, providing tax cuts for small businesses and investing in a clean energy environment we hope to improve our economy.
Immigrants make up the majority of the labor work force making them essential to our economy. They pay taxes and do everything a normal citizen does. In order to help immigrants inside the U.S we have to maintain strict border control to focus on the people in the country rather than the ones on the outside. Becoming a citizen should not be such a complicated process. In order to become a citizen you should have to at least lived in the United States for 7 years with a clean criminal record. Children and teens have to have an education or currently be in school. Work visas will be available for people who want to come work and return to their country. Everyone should feel safe and protected in their own home. Vote for Linda Burgar because we care about you, the people of America.
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