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on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Archetypes

Archetypes As defined by Dictionary.com
"(in Jungian psychology)
a collectively inherited unconscious idea,
pattern of thought, image, etc.,
universally present in individual psyches." Archetypes of The Fellowship Aragorn and Arwen Gollum The Nameless Child Peregrin "Pippin" Took Logolas Greenleaf Samwise Gamgee Saruman The Ring of Power Sauron and Servants "The Devil -- The Devil is both the Ur-Adversary, and a tremendous source of strength. He represents nearly an inexhaustible source of energy. Battling him gives us strength. Submitting completely to him is ego-death." "Shadow -- the Shadow represents the energy of the dark side, the unexpressed, unrealized, or rejected aspects of something or someone" "Mentor - can take on an overbearing attitude that is more about imposing control than imparting wisdom." "Fool -- A simple minded and possibly easily manipulated personality" "The Warrior archetype represents physical strength and the ability
to protect, defend, and fight for one's rights." Aragorn son of Arathorn "The father: Authority figure; stern; powerful; highly regarded" "The Divine Couple -- The opposites of the outer and the inner life are now joined in marriage" "Trickster -- Tricksters relish the disruption of the status quo, turning the Ordinary World into chaos with their quick turns of phrase and physical antics" "The Child -- The Child Archetype is a pattern related to the hope and promise for new beginnings" Frodo Baggins Other Apparent Archetypes Sauron In Lord of the Rings, the "Shadow" archetype is represented by The One Ring. No matter who is wielding The Ring it brings out a darkness in the bearer. It makes them possessive, paranoid, not trusting, and brings out many other negative qualities of the person. No guys, I'm not just talking about Frodo, here. Also Gollum, Bilbo, Borimir, Isildur, to name a few. In "The Two Towers" Arwen sees a vision of a child she knows to be born to her and Aragorn. In seeing said child Arwen makes the decision not to sail to the undying lands with her people but to wait for Aragorn to return. The sight of the child gives her hope for the future. The Divine couple is shown through Aragorn and Arwen. Aragorn is (until the end) a ranger by choice. He roams from place to place, not settling down. He has seem many bad sides of the world. Arwen is by far his opposite, she has lived her life safe within Rivendell and her peoples lands. Many times she proves herself to be quite innocent and naive. But these two opposites are, in the end joined by marriage, that not only joins two people, but also two races. Sauron is easily the Devil archetype, he is the driving force behind armies of orcs, uruk-hai, goblins, and an evil wizard. Sauron is the reason the races of men, hobbits, dwarves and elves have banned together, and in some cases the only reason they tolerate each other, because they face a common enemy. Gandalf the Grey "A Sidekick/Companion provides a service, symbolically speaking, to a personality that often has a stronger nature or a role in life that carries more authority." Sam is the ultimate sidekick archetype. No matter what Frodo is going through in their journey to destroy the ring Sam is always Frodo's main support system. Sam always has Frodo's best interests in mind and would do whatever it took to help him succeed. He literally followed Frodo to Mordor and back. And one does not simply walk into Mordor. Gollum is the ultimate trickster. While he is not always messing with people for his enjoyment, it is often for his own personal gain, he always goes out of his way to mess with others plans and disrupt things from going smoothly. "Hero - In the classic Hero's Journey, defined by Joseph Campbell and others, an individual goes on a journey of initiation to awaken an inner knowing or spiritual power. The Self emerges as the Hero faces physical and internal obstacles, confronting the survival fears that would compromise his journey of empowerment and conquering the forces arrayed against him. The Hero then returns to his home with something of great value to all." Frodo is sent on a dangerous quest to destroy The One Ring. He faces continuous days, weeks of walking to get to Mount Doom, with little food and none of the comforts of home. Frodo has armys of Orcs, an evil wizard, the men of Gondor and many other dangerous scary things on his tail, but he never relents. In the end he destroys The Ring and lives to tell the tale. Out of the hobbits, Pippin is easily the most simple minded and naive. He often serves and comic relief since half the time... well does Pippin EVER really know what's going on? "Mentor - a teacher in whom you can place your implicit trust. Mentors do more than just teach; they pass on wisdom and refine their students' character" Gandalf was the ultimate mentor. He never set out to teach or share his wisdom, yet he does so every step of the journey. Every time Gandalf is a part of something, other characters are learning and growing because of him. Saruman is a great wizard and highest in his order. Once corrupted by Sauron he becomes more controlled by a desire for power and a place in the New Age of Middle Earth Sauron has promised to create, then in sharing his wisdom and knowledge. Gimli son of Gloin "The Warrior archetype represents physical
strength and the ability to protect,
defend, and fight for one's rights." Gimli, along with Aragorn and Legolas, spends the majority of three movies and 6 books, walking across the country and fighting in multiple wars, battles and minor skirmishes. Legolas, along with Aragorn and Gimli, spends the majority of three movies and 6 books, walking across the country and fighting in multiple wars, battles and minor skirmishes. Aragorn could easily be called the Father archetype. While always looking out for everyone else, he uses his strength both physically and mentally to propel any situation forward. Because he is the rightful heir to the throne of Gondor he is looked up to and always looked to for approval, and his opinion on things. http://www.studiobanks.com/blog/post/240/archetype-casting-the-12-master-archetypes


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