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AODV simulation in Omnet++

No description


on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of AODV simulation in Omnet++

Background INETMANET AODV AODV simulation in omnet++ Routing MANET Routing protocols INETMANET Simulation results Energy Analysis of aodv Proactive
(table-driven) Reactive
(on demand) e.g WRP,DSDV e.g DSR, SSA, AODV, TORA The INET Framework contains models for several wired and wireless networking protocols, including UDP, TCP, SCTP, IP, IPv6, Ethernet, PPP, 802.11, MPLS, OSPF, and many others. INETMANET is based on INET. It contains additional protocols and
components that are especially useful while modeling wireless
communication: Sources of power consumption: -Communication related
-Computation related Typical Mobile Radio: transmit(max)-receive-standby(min) Any Questions ?? 6 ± 6 ±
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