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Engaging Learners with blogED

No description

Barbara Schaffer

on 15 July 2010

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Transcript of Engaging Learners with blogED

It is the early childhood teachers job to to provide the social and educational foundations necessary to prepare students for life in the 21st Century.
"If you really want to know what society is going to be like in 20 years, don't ask a technologists like me: ask kindergarten teachers. They are the ones that know what society is going to be like in one generation". —Clifford Stoll Will be the class of
2023 Double click anywhere & add an idea Gutenberg’s printing press allowed direct access for the masses to information Access to this information gave the power to the people. In doing so, it turned the medieval world upside down over a period of a bout 300 years . And now it’s happening again!
We are living in extraordinary times. Due to the impact of the internet and microelectronics every aspect of our world is being is being completely reshaped. But this time it is happening very quickly .

http://bit.ly/cSWiQj Rich Tasks
accessible and extendable,
one which allows learners to make decisions,
involving learners in testing, proving, explaining, reflecting and interpreting,
promoting discussion and communications,
encouraging originality and invention,
encouraging 'what if' and 'what if not' questions,
enjoyable and contains the opportunity for surprise.
Kindergarten 2010 http://bit.ly/9uX9OK http://bit.ly/ccjiVg http://bit.ly/97JWHl http://bit.ly/beEPuY http://bit.ly/cIfQC6 More Blogs IP online
class blog schooltools
Resources and professional learning blog for teachers 5R online
student chat blog community garden blog Things to consider
Many of my students have little or no access to computers (competing with older siblings and parents) at home and are often unable to access dynamic content such as flash from h0me computers.
Many parents lack basic computer troubleshooting skills.
Many people who are avid consumers of internet content do not see themselves as internet content producers .
Many adults think that creating a blog requires advanced ICT skills.

Ksonline http://bit.ly/aoGDCO showcasing work ownership and pride http://bit.ly/dhqbZU reflecting on learning engagement staying connected An authentic audience for writing rich tasks supporting reading supporting rich language
jointly constructing text
reading and rereading
http://bit.ly/d5oqme sharing skills http://bit.ly/bOoy8Q http://bit.ly/countingbears talking and listening http://bit.ly/ksonline

Information to parents (workshops letters, updates)
Record classroom activities on a regular basis
Train students in the use of digital and video cameras
Have cameras charged and ready at all times
Schedule regular lessons with buddy class
Make blogging an integral part of the teaching and learning cycle
Make sure both classes benefit from the arrangement
Post regularly

Post links to relevant online activities
display students usernames and expect them to learn how to log on independently
Refer to blog content when talking with parents
Enlist help eg. student teachers, parents and older students
Give lots of postive feedback and regularly comment on and
explore blog content with your class
When introducing new skills get a student to demonstrate and involve whole class.
Use questions like " How do you think we might ..... "
Foster an environment where students are happy to "have a go"and help each other out.

Using blogED to engage students in learning -
examples of practice from the field community of learners blogging is a way of
engaging students http://bit.ly/bHKyi9 http://bit.ly/aAQRN7 reinforcing and sharing learning cybersmart kids responsible digital citizenship and nettiquette http://activated.act.edu.au/copyright/index.htm http://bit.ly/digcit Ian Jukes

Young children are good at learning.
Good teachers provide an environment which offers opportunities to learn in their
preferred way. A Record of Learning and Growth http://prezi.com/index/
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