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Module 06 Teen Driving Project

No description

Ayonna Love

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of Module 06 Teen Driving Project

Part 1 - Identify the Issue
Why is this a problem, especially for teen drivers?
The number one cause of dead in teenagers are car accidents. Many of those car accidents are caused by cell phone use. Cell Phone use during driving takes their attention off the road and many lose control of their vehicle and crash.

How is one organization or group trying to solve this problem? Name group and what they are doing.

TADD Teens Against Distracted Driving
-The TADD’s Program objective is to inform teens about dangers of driving distracted. They teach teens about consequences caused by texting while driving, drinking while driving, and even communicating/interacting with passengers. They go to different schools and present to students about dangers of driving distracted. They have also made a pledge, where you can go onto their web site and sign it.

How another organization or group is is working to solve the problem? Name the group and what they are doing.

-The TXTResponsibly.org mission is to raise awareness of the dangers of texting while driving and to prevent harmful injury or death caused by the act of texting recklessly. They have people from all around to come and post their story/experience of texting while driving. They go around to different schools, organizations, companies and community’s to speak about different stories and to raise awareness. They also have an oath on their website where you can read and sign your name.

Part 2 - Solutions for the Issue

Something else that should be done to help solve or curb the problem.
One idea that could help solve the problem is to have EVERY state pass a law that states “If you are caught using their cell phone while driving, you will be fined.” There is a similar law in many states but there are a few states that have not passed the law.

Cell Phones
And Driving

Statistics from research regarding teen crash rates.

• According to CarAccidentLawyers.net, At least 23% of car accidents involve cell phone use, 13% of people between ages 18-20 has confessed to using their cell phone while involved in a car accident. According to a Texting And Distracted Driving Info-graphic, Texting while driving causes 1,600,000 accidents per year.

Web sites where this information was found.
- http://teensagainstdistracteddriving.com/
- http://www.txtresponsibly.org/

My own idea for solving the this problem is to for each DMV in each state, make the teen and parents sign a pledge to not text while driving, before taking the driving test. This will state that they are aware of the consequences that would occur if they are caught texting while driving.
My own ideas for solving this problem. This may not be something that is currently being done.
What I can personally do to make more people aware of this issue?

The only personal thing I could do is, if I am a passenger of a driver who is texting while diving, stop them and make them aware of what could happen.
If you stay off the , And Follow The Signs and You WONT Get A Fine
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