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Health Related Goals on the IEP

An overview of action research results

Amy Wuerger

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Health Related Goals on the IEP

Health Related Goals on the IEP
Findings of Action Research

A. Wuerger RN, CSN, MAEL Introduction Special Education population has increased by 60% over the past decade
Chronic health conditions has risen from 2% in the 1960’s to 25% in the 2000’s
Managing health concerns supports all other goals for academics and other content areas
The relationship between health and learning is research based and well understood Research Questions

How can student’s health concerns be addressed in the Individualized Health Care Plan (IEP)? What skills are necessary for students and families to manage health during childhood and beyond? The program began with establishing the Health Services Department Improvement Plan Goal Ultimate goal:
Reducing health related barriers to learning! Research built on established best practice


Expanding the Nursing Care Plan to include goals and objectives The educational aspects of the IEP GOALS
Medical application of IEP GOALS
School nursing best practice Research Review

Providing documented goals with nursing interventions on the IEP to support the overall academic mission and post secondary education endeavors big idea? Strengths and Weaknesses
of study Positive

Best Practice
Long term benefits for kids
Supports all other goals
Team enthusiastic/helpful * One of the greatest transformations during this reauthorization, had to do with the expelled and suspended students.

* The new mandate required that IEP services continue even if a student is suspended or expelled. Negative

Tiny sample implemented

Parental follow through

For pre-transition Life Skills students only

Wanted to address what skills necessary for independent life, limited to health that supports academics Goal Examples
Based on scientifically accepted nursing diagnosis
Illinois Learning Standards #22,#23,#24 Student development
will demonstrate proper inhaler use 3 times and will then be allowed to carry own inhaler. (Illinois learning standard #23, manage medical plan throughout the school day)
will visit the nurse office for inhaler use as needed. Nurse will instruct and demonstrate inhaler use and will allow student increased independence with coaching as needed. Once skill is mastered, nurse will observe student independently using inhaler. After 3 successful uses, without nurse prompts, student will be allowed to carry own inhaler. Nurse will continue to monitor self-care by checking if is bringing inhaler to school and a recheck of technique two weeks after independent use. Student Safety
Currently A appears to have limited skills in the area of wiping self and knowing when it is appropriate to take a shower. (Standard #24, maintain safety and well-being)
First by using hand over hand, then independently, A. will wipe after voiding front to back 100% of the time.
When asked if has taken shower and is clean, will answer correctly three times per week.
When asked if has taken shower and is clean, will answer correctly three times per week. This reauthorization has numerous changes from the 1997 reauthorization. Special Education has made substantial headway in the past 38 years, but still has a way to go. It is important that every teacher is highly qualified and trained effectively to teach a child with special needs. Throughout the years of improvement, with IDEA and NCLB, we are able to give children with needs an equal opportunity to be successful in their education.

* School districts provide adequate instruction and intervention for stuendts to help keep them out of special educaition

* Changes call for more accountability at the state and local levels, as more data on outcomes is required

* Schools must show yearly progress

* Students grages 3-8 are tested yearly

* Teachers must be highly qualified This reauthorization has numerous changes from the 1997 reathorization Conclusion How can the nursing goals support all other IEP objectives? Chronic Disease Medical Management:

GOAL: will increase awareness of and active participation in his medical management routines.(Standard #24, maintain safety and well-being)

OBJECTIVE:will inform teacher/responsible adult or
nurse 100% of the time as measured by his daily log. If he is experiencing symptoms of fluctuating blood sugars, he will immediately inform adult. HEALTH IMPACT STATEMENT EXAMPLES:

Although A. appears to be in general good health, regression in the area of self care in activities for daily living, specifically in showering and cleansing after elimination. This unmet health need is of concern secondary to long term management of self care and lack of good general hygiene leading to physical, emotional and social difficulties; all of which impede the learning process. An individualized nursing care plan as well as IEP goals will be established with the collaboration of all team members and her primary caregivers at home. School nurse monitoring will be provided to assess progress of self care and assessment of elimination patterns at school. Consultation as needed will also be provided to parents, teacher, staff as it relates to hygiene issues. The goals in the IEP will be established to assist student in progressing toward independence overall. Conclusion HEALTH IMPLICATIONS:

... is a 14 year old student who has been in good health and continues to wear brace with ongoing care for her scoliosis. Her current health status does not appear to be negatively impacting academic progress or other goals. Consider health related transitional goals in the area of in the areas of healthy choices in daily life, managing health conditions or independent activity of daily living skills at next annual review with parental input. No nursing minutes required at this time. LOOKING AHEAD:
Standardize Health History Process to include Health Impact Statement
Educate Nurse Team


References available upon request What skills are necessary for students and families to manage health during childhood and beyond? IMPORTANCE
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