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In the shadow of the mountain - Helen Naylor

No description

Julia Esteva Almirall

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of In the shadow of the mountain - Helen Naylor

In the shadow of the mountain - Helen Naylor
Júlia Esteva
1r de batxillerat C
These book is an adaptation for Cambridge.
Helen Naylor is the original writer of the book.
It's the Cambridge edition, 12th
Year of edition: 1999
Helen Naylor
Helen Naylor, was born in UK, in Cove. She has taught English to adults for over 30 years in language schools in the UK. Now she's working as a writer and has published books on grammar and Cambridge exam preparation. She also works as a writer and examiner for Cambridge ESOL on different papers.
When she's not working, Helen's interests include playing tennis, skiing, and being by the sea.
Clare is a journalist who have travel to Switzerland to bring home the body of her grandfather, Edward witch has appeared from the Matterhorn mountain 74 years after his death.
In there Clare meets with who was Edward's guide in the moment of the accident, Ulrich. She can talk with him thanks to her ski teacher, Bruno.
Clare wants to write an article of the story of Edward in the newspaper.
Ulrich talks her about the accident. He was in the mountain climbing with Edward and with another man, Younger.

The main characters
Clare Newton:
She's forty-six years old, divorced. A journalist who lives in London. She fells very alone and upset with her work in the newspaper. She wants to finds her long waited love.
Edward Crowe:
Grandfather of Clare and Andrew. Is the father of Marjorie and he was married to Agatha. He had a life that he dislike and he left with his real love, Marianne.
Ulrich Grunwalder:
He's 94 years old and he was on of the most famous mountain guides. He lives in Zermatt. He feels guilty for the death of Younger and Edward.
optimistic. "Full of cheer"
An unfortunate chance. "What a pity you can't come?"
pack. "Bundle the newspapers for the trash man".
acording to the information aviable to one. "To my knowledge he hasn't been here before".
higher. "The upper stories of a house".
Clare found herself thinking that if you had to die in a climbing accident, there could be many worse places to lie for seventy-four years.
She had discovered the feeling. She knew it would be difficult to turn back.

Personal opinion
I really like the book. This novel has romance, mystery and drama. This is the fact that makes the novel more interesting although the story that it is based is already good.
Along the novel we can see how the characters change for the better.
I think that the best part of the book is the mysterious atmosphere and the two related love stories.
Younger was with Edward because Agatha, Edward's wife, would have told Younger to go and convince her husband to return home. Edward left his wife because he falls in love with Ulrich's sister.
Young didn't want Edward to return with his wife because he loved her too.
In the moment of the accident they too fell down and we don't know if maybe Younger wanted to kill Edward. They two died in that moment.
Bruno and Clare fall in love and they decide to have a distance relationship and continue her grandfather love story.
simle broadly. "She grins to him".
rigid or firm. "A stiff collar".
free from projections. "A smooth road".
firmly placed. "A steady ladder".
tremulous. "The chair is shakily".
Maybe tomorrow would be a good day.
She hadn't been true to her real self for ages.
I don't want tomorrow to be the end of us.
In my opinion, the worse part of the novel is the end. I expected an incredible ending with some more surprising than the real end of the book.
In conclusion, it's a very entertaining book and I recommended it to everybody who like intrigue stories.
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