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Yogzi (Yogscast LA Presentation)

No description

Mitchel Geerds

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Yogzi (Yogscast LA Presentation)

BY MITCHEL AND RAKEEN WHO ARE THE YOGSCAST? HOW DID THE YOGSCAST START? YOGSCAST IN THE NEWS MARKETING: OTHER PEOPLE The Yogscast does market themselves. On there Youtube channel there is a link to a t shirt website where they sell t shirts, sweaters, and other clothing that has their popular quotes on them. They also did a Christmas fundraiser drive for Oxfam and raised approx $82007.8225 CDN. They attend and speak at conferences where they sign autographs and record videos. They will be attending the London Games Confrence along with big names such as Disney, Sega, and EA. The Yogscast are a popular team of Youtubers who make comedy video game commentaries. They are the most popular channel in the UK and have gained a very large fan base since they started in 2008. The most popular of the company (and main founders) are Lewis Brindley (Xephos/Zephos) and Simon Lane (Honeydew). According to the yogscast official website (https://yogscast.com/?pageid=staff) quote: Lewis founded The Yogscast in 2008, with the goal of sharing Simon’s gift for inane banter with the world via YouTube. Since then, the channel has grown to become the largest in the UK, and Lewis has remained the de facto leader of the team - acting to balance Simon’s boldness with reason and caution. The first video was posted on July 19th 2008 and was a WoW (World of Warcraft) boss fight video, end quote. The companies name came from their WoW guilds name, Ye Old Goon Squad (YOGS). The Yogscast has been in various news. The biggest news source that the Yogcast has been on is BBC, where they gave a tour of their new headquarters, dubbed by them The Yogtowers. As said in the description of the video, quote: “Unless you are a teenage gamer, you may never have heard of The Yogscast. But it has achieved 1bn views on its YouTube channel so far, and gets 3m people tuning in each day,” end quote. They have also been in PCMagazine and Edge. The Yogscast are not marketed that much themselves, but they do market other people. Many gaming companies give them access to closed betas of games and allow them to record these games. Often these game make you agree to the terms to not record video of the game but the companies often allow the Yogscast to record these games because of how many people watch their channel. For example, when Blizzard launched the World of Warcraft expansion beta, the Yogscast got access and they were allowed to record video. Also, Chillblast.com has sponsered them for endorsing a computer that apparently they helped pick the design for. it also includes exclusive Yogscast digital content, and the web page that you can buy the computer from is themed like the Yogscast website. MARKETING: THEMSELVES THE YOGSCAST AND HOW THEY ARE MARKETED YOGSCAST: STATS According to http://www.socialbakers.com/youtube-statistics/channel/bluexephos on 2012 10 1 Total money raised for charity drive: $82007.8225 CDN The founding members (Lewis, Simon, and Hannah) of the Yogscast met in Ye Olde Goone Squade, a World of Warcraft guild led by Mearis, who can be seen in some of their earliest videos. Eventually they decided that Mearis' ways of leading the guild were far from desirable, and decided to leave. Hearing of their actions, Mearis banned any mention of "Xephos" "Yogscast" or "Honeydew", and in turn was banned from the Yogscast Forums. The Yogscast has employed a lot more people as they have grown in popularity. Here are (most) of the new employees. Active Commentators:
Lewis Brindley (Xephos, Zephos)
Simon Lane (Honeydew, Honeybeard)
Duncan Jones (LividCoffee, Lalna)
Hannah Rutherford (Lomadia)
Chris Lovasz (Sips_, Sips)
Paul Sykes (Sjin)
Alex (Parv)
Liam J. MacKay (Nilsey) Administrators:
Steven Goates (Rigedog)
Sam Thorne (Strippin)
Anya Ferris (MintyMinute)
Mark Turpin (Turpster)
Anders (Dyneslott): Notch vs Yogscast In the world of Minecraftia, the brave creator of the land Notch, does battle against the very loved Yogscast from Jaffaland. Here we will recount the tales that happened and give our input on the matter. After Minecon 2011, Markuss Persson (Who most of you will know as Mojang CEO Notch) had an argument about the Yogscast's behavior during the conventions, stating through tweets that they had demanded payment for them to come to Minecon, swore at fans, and called him and Mojang "a bunch of nerds who don't know how to run a company"

The Yogscast's statement regarding the incident was posted in a video made about 2 days after Minecon, after they returned home.

The statement camly denied all of Notch's accusations, stating that they had only talked to Notch once, so they did not know where he had gotten his information, and in the rehersals no one had said anything about not swearing, though they vehemently opposed his accusation that they had swore at a fan.

They suggested that it had all been a misunderstanding, and that they were perfectly fine to forgive and move on.

Shortly after the statement was released, Notch made another tweet:
It’s likely the entire Yogscast scenario is just stress related misunderstanding. I apologize for bringing it online before talking to them. The End Thanks For....Not Snoring : D Peace Off DIGGY DIGGY HOLE! For watching you get free Jaffa Cakes! *Jaffa Cakes are not sold in Canada, so this offer is null and void. Shoulda seen your face :) Scan these QR codes for images that are not in the presentation!
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