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Creepy Pasta

No description

Slenderman CrookedMan

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Creepy Pasta

4.The Eyeless Jack

Eyeless Jack is a creature that attcks its victims while there are asleep whithout they even noticed. Data about
him is unknown.
Creepy Pasta

The Rake is an alien creature found in the forest.
It has big sharpy fingers and two black eyes.
It is usually bowed and hiding near humans bed.
When its victim see it, its eyes start to glow and it
kills them.
1.Jeff The Killer

When an accident (happen in a party) a bottle
of Votca broke on his head and the chemicals turned
his face to what you see in the picture.
"Words from victim"

"As I prepare to take my life, I feel it necessary to assuage any guilt or pain I have introduced through this act. It is not the fault of anyone other than him. For once I awoke and felt his presence. And once I awoke and saw his form. Once again I awoke and heard his voice, and looked into his eyes. I cannot sleep without fear of what I might next awake to experience. I cannot ever wake. Goodbye."

All happened in a party when a bully attacked Jeff with a knife. Jeff tried to protect himself, until the bootle broke on his head. He went to the bathroom to clean his face when he understand that he didn't want to protect himself anymore... insted he wanted to kill.H e took the knife from the bully and keep stumping him until death. When he then woke up in a hospital he saw his face and realized that he liked it and that his destiny was to become a killer.

2.The Crooked Man
"There was a crooked man,"
By Mother Goose

There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile,
He found a crooked sixpence against a crooked stile;
He bought a crooked cat which caught a crooked mouse,
And they all lived together in a little crooked house.


The Crooked Man is a courpse from a dead man. His neck is all twisted (crooked) because when he hanged himself ,his spine began to crooked out.

Slenderman was a little girl's friend until he killed her parents. The girl hated him and abounded him. He is now serching for little girl's souls in a forest to take revenge. He kill his victims by causing a paralises and make them see their worst nightmares. You can't escape from him because he can teleport.

Slenderman is a tall, slim man wearing a costume and a tie. He kills people by bringing out his tentacles and absorbing their soul. His face is all blank...

Eyeless Jack is a black hooded man with a creepy blue mask on his face.
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