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Using Ted Ed in the classroom

No description

Kelly Butera

on 3 April 2016

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Transcript of Using Ted Ed in the classroom

What is TED-Ed?
Creating a lesson with TED-Ed
You can search ready made lessons being shared on TedEd by subject.

Every lesson on TedEd can be customized to meet the needs of the educator.

You can publish your very own lesson.

Lessons are broken down into 5 parts.
5 parts of a TED-Ed lesson
Take the Ted-Ed tour
How to use TED-Ed in the Traditional K-12 classroom
Introduce a subject
Engage Students
Supplemental learning
How to get started usting Ted-Ed
Go to http://ed.ted.com/ Click on register (top right corner).You can register with an email, or via a facebook account Register as teacher, student, or other.
Using Ted-Ed in the classroom
You are able to create your own lessons.
There may not be a lot of lesson choices to choose from.
There are lessons that are already created and ready to use for the classrooms.
Start by creating an account:
The video that is assigned with the lesson may not be what the teacher is looking for.
Ted Ed Discussions
How Ted Ed is beneficial to Teachers
How Ted Ed is beneficial to students
Ted Ed Club
The students are able to work at their own pace.
Ted Ed is engaging to the students.
It is a source that allows teachers to integrate technology into their lesson.
Can help with audio and visual learners because it implements videos .
Create or Search for a lesson!
- A short video explaining the subject matter. Can be either uploaded from YouTube or a TED video.

Dig Deeper
- Instructors can add links to websites that support the subject matter.
- The instructor can post a guided
discussion here, or the students can post
open discussions.
- Up to 15 questions (multiple or open-ended) can be added for students to answer. The instructor can monitor student progress, including number of attempts until the correct answer was selected.
instructor the option to close the
lesson with a final thought or
question to ponder.
and Finally
- This forum gives the
Ted Ed is user friendly and easy to use.
Using Ted-Ed as an introduction to a subject

The instructor can upload video content from YouTube, or create their own inspirational introduction.
The "Think" feature allows the instructor to gauge the knowledge of the student before moving past the introduction.
TED-Ed's sleek, and interesting animations provide the perfect tool to spark the inspiration of eager minds.
Engaging & Supplemental learning
The "Discuss" platform allows for guided instructor to peer, or peer to peer open discussions. This allows students to question, share, and learn from their instructor as well as their peers, thus engaging students.

TED-Ed and the
"Flipped Classroom"
TED-Ed is the perfect platform to set up the individual direct instruction required in a flipped classroom setting.
If home internet access is not available instructors can create module rotations in which students may participate in the TED- Ed lesson.
"Discuss" threads, and "Think" questions prepare students to be able to successfully apply their knowledge in a group setting.
For each TED-Ed lesson there are two option for discussion

Educator can create a guided discussion in order to lead their students in conversation.

Or anyone can create open discussions related to the lesson.
Ted Ed clubs is a flexible, school based program.
Supports students in
their big ideas in the form of short TED-Ed style talks.
Guided discussions after a Ted-ed lesson
Ted ed offers educators the ability to ask students guided discussion questions.

Students are looking for thought provoking, entertaining, and inspiring discussions and debate.
Using TED-Ed for an open discussion
Ted-Ed allows students to dive deeper into a new discussion on a TED- Ed lesson.
Open discussion encourages students that posts to include enough information for learners to build on, but leave room for the discussion to grow.

Putu Dharma Maha Yusa (mahayusa)10 months ago
I like the series of History of Vernacular, I think you should consider continuing it. :)
Tony Adams9 months ago
Yes keep sharing these...they are a true inspiration to all who watch them ..Thank You
Georg Kerschhackl3 months ago
interesting ...- your take on artificial intelligence
nhan nguyen11 months ago
videos are amazing, it helps my knowledge expand. Thanks your wonderful work
Possibly network with other educators.
Teachers Beware!!
Please remember to always view your material
before showing students to ensure the lesson meets the needs of the students.
Some videos may contain inappropriate material.
TED-ED Lessosn
Ted Ed promotes this theory in the following ways:
Videos can include real-life scenarios to assist with students making a connection.
Ted Ed is world wide which provides a large group of diversity.
TED-Ed lessons can be shared with all educators and students across the world.
TED-Ed is a web based learning platform created by the T.E.D. (technology entertainment and design) organization to promote world wide learning on an individual basis.
Teachers create a lesson with a combination of video, thought provoking questions, discussions and supplemental resource websites.
The TED-Ed concept
Applying TED-Ed to the
flipped Classroom
The flipped classroom concept is working.. check out these exciting statistics.
How Does a Ted-ed lesson promote
social constructivism and Connectivisim learning theories?
Social Constructivism using Ted-ed
TED-Ed incorporates Discuss features that enable group collaboration.

In the flipped classroom TED-Ed can be used as the initial instruction that engages students individually so they are prepared for social application of knowledge.

TED-Ed Clubs are instructor monitored collaborative groups that meet to build a great idea (more on this later).
What are people saying
about ted-ed?
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly...
Educational website Reviews
-Review of an edshelf.com user
TED-Ed is an exciting tool for educators to expand their resources, and teaching style.
TED-Ed offers a wonderful new platform for the promising flipped classroom education model.
TED-Ed uses technology to educate, and in this technology based world, the applications are limitless.
Giving students the voice they need to shape their world. This Ted-Ed club video explains the power behind the Ted-Ed club concept.
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