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No description

Frederique Lane

on 16 June 2013

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Transcript of TEEP MFL 2

What is TEEP?
Our story so far....
Mapping from memory
TEEP activities to engage and motivate MFL learners
What it means for us in MFL...
The TEEP cycle

The underpinning elements
Brain Dump
Running dictation
Expert challenge
Give me a point and a question
Recycle your old powerpoints
You're the teacher

Mining for gold
This tool is a unique way to present new information; it can be used as a way of student researching the content of the session
to determine their own objectives.

The activity will involve group work, in which there will be 3 roles;

- the miner will search around the room for the information to the question

- the recorder will input the information on to a flip chart in a neat way which stands out.

- once the information is recorded on to a flip chart and can be held up as evidence, the reporter will display/ discuss
the information in return for a piece of treasure.

The team with the most treasure wins!! 3 pieces of treasure will be awarded to the first team to report, 2 to the second and
1 to the 3rd. Subsequent teams will not receive any treasure.

Expert challenge – working in a team it is your challenge to become ‘experts’Your team will first need to do some further research on your allocated area of expertise – a resource pack has been provided for this purpose.
You will then need to plan and prepare a short presentation (max 10 min). The purpose of the presentation will be to teach the other groups the main points about your area of expertise.
Your presentation should be informative and must summarize your expert area
You should also aim to make your presentation interesting and engaging. It should be supported by a graphic or appropriate images and should contain a slogan or bumper sticker which will act as a memory ‘hook’ for your audience.
Success Criteria:
Presentation is no more than 10 min in length.
All members of the team contribute to presentation.
The presentation is clear
The presentation is a summary of the area of research
The presentation includes graphics and images
The presentation has a slogan
you really are the teacher!
Thank you!

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