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No description

Daniela Gamez

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of ABOUT ME...

Dany Gamez
My hobby
Physical appearance
My name is Daniela and I'm 18.
I was born in Riohacha but I live here (Sta Mta) since 2002.
I'm an university student and I have a part-time Job.
I'm single... About my personality, I'm curious, considerate and careful but I'm shy and quiet.
I love to make my friends laugh.
before & After
I used to wear skirts very often and my mom used to dress me with pink clothes all time, I didn't like my hair and I used to wear hair up... Now I love it and all time I wear it down, my hair is longer now than in the past. I wear sporty clothes and sometime I like wear a dress. I don't have lot changes but I look different.
Education background
I just studied in 2 schools...
My 3 first years I was in "Pequeños marineros" in Barranquilla, then when my family and me moved to Santa Marta I started to study in "Colegio Cristiano la esperanza" where I was graduated.
This is my family
I live with my mom, my sister and my brother, We're so different, Keren is the most organized, I'm not as disorganized as Ivan, my mom doesn't have as much appetite as me, I think that I take after my dad, We're so similar in the physical appearance and in the personality; my dad is the most adventurous in my family and he loves the animals and me too

My Mom
Juanita, She's my gorgeous mom, She's intelligent, beautiful and strong. She's a teacher and works from tuesday to friday and she wears an uniform; the saturdays she's a university student for different reasons she couldn't study but now she does it. She has a brown hair, she isn't as tall as Ivan, We have a similar height, her eyes are bigger than mines. I'm as thin as her when she was young. she's the most careful in my family and we love her.
Routine and activities
Since I was a child I have done different activities, I like to dance, act, draw and practice some sports... Currently I'm practicing taekwondo.
I'm better in poomsae than fights, I don't sing as well as Keren. Ivan is the the best drummer in my house, they have a big musicals talents, I'm not as well as they with the music, I prefer act or practice sport. I like learn new languages; I'm not as good english speaker as Keren. I like play soccer but I don't love it as much as taekwondo.

I have brown eyes, curly and long hair and I'm not so tall.
I'm the person that loves flashy clothes like jeans, tennis or sandals, sometimes I wear sporty clothes and on Sundays I wear a uniform.
I like the dresses but I don't wear them frequently,
I wear the same bracelet every day.

Santa Marta is a small city, Santa Marta's economy is based on tourism, trade, port activities, fishing and agriculture. It's the city with the most popular beaches in Colombia.
There is a lot of traffic in Santa Marta because it's been having many renovations. We should have fewer motorcycles.
There are new busses bigger than old busses, It's good for the people and it's more comfortable.

My house.com
My house is long, there is 1 floor, 1 bathroom, I like the living room 'cause the sofas are big and padded, there is one television and there are 2 tables and some pictures.
My bedroom is small but It's comfortable,
my favorite place is my study's table because
I have some pictures and favorites things,
I like decor the wall myself and put some
motivation sentences
When I was a child I was a good student, I was always between the tree first place, then When I started the high school I wasn't so good, my grades were bad, I hated chemistry and biology. I liked physics, history, geography, art, physical education, music and English!. In physics I didn't have as good grades as in chemistry. I' wasn't the best student. Actuality, I'm a good student with good grades.
I've been in Barranquilla, Caratagena, Guajira (Riohacha, manaure, cerrejon), Bogota, Medellin, Bucaramanga but I haven't been in other country

I really like eat a lot! But I've never had exotic food, I would like eat ramen in South Korea and I would like try the asiatic food in general.
I've never riden a roller coaster.
I've been on different scenarios in front of many people but always my heart beats very strong and I feel very nervous.
In the future I'm going to be graduated and I'm going to be a hotel and tourism management, with the favor of God. I'll be in Santa Marta. I'll have an specialization on logistics and organization of events but after I'm going to work in a hotel.
I'm going to travel and get some experience.
In a future I would like get marry and have a lovely family.
Last vacation I stayed in Santa Marta but I did some activities, I went to the pool, we had a party on the church (TMT) I participated in tree plays,I met new people ...
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