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Hunger Games Seminar

No description

Mike Genova

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Hunger Games Seminar

Trust and Betrayal in the Novel
The Hunger Games
Trust is truly believing in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of something or someone. It is having true faith and confidence!
Trust and betrayal are an essential part of the novel as Katniss is faced with many situations where she must decide if she trusts the other person. Her decisions affect what happens in the rest of the novel and how she learns from the situation.
Trust and betrayal present
in the Hunger Games
"Betrayal. That's the first thing I feel, which is ludicrous. For there to be betrayal, there would have to have been trust first. Between Peeta and me."
First occurrence between
Katniss and Peeta
Second occurrence between Katniss and Peeta
In conclusion, trust and betrayal are present in our everyday lives. We must learn to trust one another as Katniss did with Rue and Peeta in the end.
What is
trust and betrayal?
Betrayal is being disloyal, unfaithful in maintaining or fulfilling something, or to disappoint the hopes and expectations of someone. This is violating someone's confidence in you.
Peeta and Katniss, the Hunger Games
Trust and betrayal has been shown throughout the novel in many different occasions. This has an important part in the shaping of the characters, as well as the final outcome.
Katniss said this on page 114 after Haymitch told her that Peeta had asked him to be coached separately.
Katniss trusted Peeta as they both decided to be coached together by Haymitch a few days before on the train.
It was confusing for Katniss as Peeta had helped her before, and she thought they had trusted one another.
Peeta had risked getting a beating to give her the bread, helped to cover her when she saw the redheaded avox girl, and did much more to help Katniss.
"I almost fall out of the tree. The voice belongs to Peeta."
Katniss says this when she realizes that Peeta has joined the Career Tributes.
She is shocked because he has betrayed her and is working with them to try to find her.
"Obviously, the noble boy on the rooftop was playing just one more game with me. But this will be his last."
Katniss now realizes that it was all an act and now Peeta is against her.
Peeta and Katniss
agree to be
coached together
Third occurrence between
Katniss and Rue
"Rue has decided to trust me wholeheartedly. I know this because as soon as the anthem finishes, she snuggles up against me and falls asleep."
Rue and Katniss trust each other very much.
This trust began when Rue warned Katniss about the tracker jacker nest in the tree.
Katniss and Rue decided to form an ally and work together.
The two of them even share supplies and medicines to help each other out.
Katniss also likes Rue as she gives her comfort and joy.
Katniss finally develops trust with Peeta
"Peeta, it turns out, has never been a danger to me."
Katniss finally understands what Peeta has done; everything he did was just to help keep her alive.
Some things she begins to think about are how he told her not to fight at the Cornucopia, him fighting Cato to let her escape, and teaming up with the Careers to protect her.
She realizes this when Claudius announces the rule change that both tributes from a district can win.
"As in real relationships, Katniss did not fully trust Peeta. She didn't know him well, and they had some unique circumstances to face. But over time, Katniss learned to trust Peeta and open herself up to him." (Velazquez)
"Friendship, community, and relationships are shown to be matters of life and death, and at every turn Katniss must decide whom she can really trust, and who is merely using her for their own selfish ends." (Haack)
"A recurring theme throughout the Hunger Games trilogy is Katniss not knowing who to trust. She can’t trust her mother to care for her. She doesn’t understand Peeta’s actions and motives... She’s not even sure if she can trust herself." (Stephens)

I need two volunteers to come up to the front please.

One of you will be blind folded and the other will help guide him / her around the class.

How does this activity relate to trust?
Thank you
Activity #2
I am going to pass around the container of Smarties starting at one end of the class. Everyone is to take 2 Smarties each.
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