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Our Lady of La Salette

A Presentation by Andrew Tevington, Elyse Levandowski & Olivia Buss.

Elyse Levandowski

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Our Lady of La Salette

Our Lady of La Salette
Andrew Tevington
Elyse Levandowski
Olivia Buss Marian apparition to two young children in 1846
Apocalyptic predictions of famine, war, and economic downturn
Controversial and often criticized
Ultimate message still relevant for our times
Divine revelation is complete
Marian apparitions – private revelation
Does not add to divine revelation
Catholics cannot accept new or improved revelation
Private vs. Divine Revelation Our Lady of La SAlette A generation after revolution and Napoleon
Monarchy and glory seemingly restored
One dictator replaced by another
Recurring class struggle
Monarchy again overthrown
Historical BAckground Melanie and Maximin born into poverty
Uneasy and troubled home lives
Sent off to work for months at a time
Melanie remained pious despite much personal freedom
Early Life Meets a boy she calls “brother”
taken to see his mother
Witnesses visions of hell
Repents for stealing money
Prays for souls in Purgatory
Dedicates virginity to Mary
Early Encounters The Apparition of La Salette Apparition of the Virgin Mary occurred September 19, 1846
Located in La Salette, France
Witnessed by Melanie Calvat and Maximin Giraud
Approved in August 1848 by Pope Pius IX
The Mountains at La Salette The Apparition A beautiful vision
A terrible revelation
A secret
A written account of the secrets at La Salette
Stigmata – the stigmata are a series of wounds, cuts and sores that correspond to the wounds Jesus received in his hands, feet and side during his crucifixion.

The stigmata, although painful, is closely related to the Roman Catholic religion as a sign of a person strong enough in faith to bear the pain of Jesus.
A message for all people... "side" note THE SECRET DISCLAIMER: Because the original additions of the secret were never released from the Vatican secret archives, the information contained in this slide is based on editions released by Melanie and Maximin themselves.
France will encounter famines and be struck by bloody wars
The earth will be plagued
Faith in God will be forgotten
Napoleon will fall upon the sword in which he used to order the people to rise him up (in Maximin’s account he never refers to Napoleon but a “monster”)
Peace will only be attainable when the men of the world convert
Heretics will be condemned to death
Controversy Ignites Seer – a witness to a divine revelation
Maximin escapes controversy while Melanie finds herself surrounded
A Focus on Melanie - The Later YEars 1854-1860 Darlington, Yorkshire
Cared for by and joined the Carmelites
Made it her profession in 1856
1858 – Secret needed to be published
Asked permission to leave the convent and go to France – not allowed
Nuns were angry
Gossip of Melanie being possessed by the devil
Problem excommunication in Bishop Ginoulhiac’s diocese by returning to France
England Marseille 1860 – 29 years old
Boarder at the convent of Our Lady of Compassion; taught catechism
Again tried to get Secret published
Bishop of Marseille threw written pages in the fire and exclaimed, “This is how I will publish your secret!”
Melanie commented the good that could have come if the French clergy had published the Secret
France Spiritual gift Could speak Italian to Monsignor Petagna
He believed in Apparition and wanted to publish the Secret
1867 – went to Italy; stayed 17 years
“Most of the people are poor and uneducated, but they love God.”
Italy Wanted Melanie to come back to France
Establish the Rule of the Order of the Mother of God of La Salette
Pope could not exert his will in France
Leaving the Pope’s chambers:
Cardinal says, “I hope that you have broad shoulders, because when the Secret is published, the whole of France will fall on them.”
Melanie’s response: “I would rather displease the French than Almighty God.”
Pope Leo XIII 1879 – Secret is published under the Imprimatur of Bishop Zola
Accused of lying, being unbalanced, crazy, and possessed by the devil
French bishops thwarted her in everything she tried to do
Published Superior = Canon de Brandt
Answerable directly to the Pope = true superior after the Blessed Virgin
Priests of the Order = Apostles of the Last Days
Considered Order to be the renewal of the true Christian spirit for everyone rather than ruling or code
Did NOT work joined Third Order of St. Dominic
Establishing the ORder 1901-1903:
Lived in privacy, except for Abbé Combe
Paranoid: used her mother’s maiden name
Slept 3 hours a night; only solid food = Eucharist
Stigmata bled; usually only pain
Gift of prophecy; could see souls in Purgatory
Final pilgrimage to La Salette
Died in Italy; final vision of her death
Final Years Legacy Shrine
Operates a hospitality service
Walking trails; spiritual retreats and day hikes
Three medallions represent stages of apparition
Valley of the Apparition
Missionaries - 920 in more than 26 countries
Sisters – 170 in 8 countries
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