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The eCQM Ecosystem

Decoding alphabet soup by providing an overview of the tools and system used to specify and report electronic clinical quality measures

Lindsey Wisham

on 2 May 2016

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Transcript of The eCQM Ecosystem

eCQI Resource Center - Your One Stop Shop
-Published Measures for Eligible Professionals and Eligible Hospitals

Jira - ONC Project Tracking Tool
-Forum for asking questions regarding eCQMS, measure concepts, logic and value sets. Answered by Measure Developers

Go to place for all things codes and value sets

Become involved

- Education Opportunities, comment periods, measure testing, QDM User Groups, HL7 Workgroups. Be involved early and often!

May 2016
eCQM Ecosystem:
Tools, Systems and Alphabet Soup

Access to robust clinical data
Structured data leads to less burden
Improved measure concepts, improved reliability
Tools to navigate eCQMs
What does the future of eCQMs look like?

Resources to Guide You...
eCQMs are measures with electronic specifications: Metadata, Elements, Logic, Value Sets
eCQM Environment
-Increased adoption in CMS programs: PQRS, ACO, IQR, MU
-Focus given to eCQMs for MIPS implementation
-Utlize clinically robust measures for quality improvement

It takes a village...
Why eCQMs?
QDM and HQMF based measures are here for now...

There is a desire to move towards harmonized data and logical expression standards to align with Clinical Decision Support standards

Linking of data across measures, care settings, simlilar datat elements to be caputured

Using EHR data to tell health stories through interoperatbility

-Share Lessons Learned
-Become Involved - Rule Making
-Discussion and Questions
Reporting Tools
Implementation Guides (IGs):
Program Specifc information....
They will be
your friend!

Creating an organizational toolkit for a succsessful eCQM implementation

eCQMs Deconstructed
- Machine consumbable file that contains, logic, elements, and refernce to Value Set identifiers
Human Readable (HTML - a rendering of the XML)
Meta data: Clinical Reccomendation, Rationale, References, Narrative definition of Populations (Numerator, Denominator, Initial Pop, Exlusions, Excpetions
Measure Logic statements, listing of elements and Value Sets needed
Value Sets
- Codified lists for each element. Published by Value Set Authority Center
Think of this as your eCQM recipe!

Decoding Alphabet Soup
HQMF - Health Quality Measures Format - standard document for representing eCQMs (HL7)
QDM - Quality Data Model : Used to currently define the elements and the logical expressions (relationships between elements)
VSAC - Value Set Authroity Center - The place to go for Value Sets...published...not to be confused with the Value Set Authroing Center...pre-published
QRDA - Quality Reporting Document Architecture - standard document for representing the reporting of measure results (patient and aggregate)
- Measure Authoring Tool - MAT

-Value Set Authority Center - VSAC

-Bonnie Measure Testing Tool

Certifcation Testing Tool
Pre Submission
Validation Tools for
We cannot ignore challenges...
Variablity across EHRs - data capture
Investment upfront to implement scalable solutions
Fine tuning implemenations and configurations
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