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DT Specific-purpose Container

No description

Alec Zhang

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of DT Specific-purpose Container

Design Portfolio for: Specific Purpose Container By Alec Zhang Design Situation: In my home, there are packets of cards scattered everywhere with countless cards being lost around the house as there is no where for them to be stored. I need a proper container store these cards in a secure place so that I can’t lose any more cards. Design Brief: To design and construct a timber container with a lid, such that it complies with the set restraints, is aesthetically pleasing and has an interesting and catchy design on the lid of the box. The constraints that my design must follow include:
Available timber is solid pine or maple - 140 mm wide by 19 mm thick, and 140 mm wide by 12 mm thick. 3 mm and 6 mm MDF board is also available (e.g. for base).
Optimum use must be made of the timber you are given, to keep wastage to a minimum.
The design must incorporate rebate joints for the corner construction.
A standard size will be used in order to cut the rebate joint using a router, the size and shape of your box can then be changed.
Final design, including Materials Cutting List, is to be completed by Week 10.
Both the written folio report and your Specific-Purpose Container are to be ready for assessment by the Due Date. Constraints Research on:
Rebate Joints A rebate joint is a type of joint which has a groove cut out of one of the ends to ensure that the joint has an increased strength.

In the circumstances where more durability and strength is required, nails, screws or dowels can be used. Left: An example of a rebate joint.
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