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Swim Team Information Meet 2014-2015

No description

Colin Kelly

on 9 October 2017

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Transcript of Swim Team Information Meet 2014-2015

Season Introduction
Have a great season!
- Will be at all practices and meets.

- If absent, bring signed note from parent on first return practice. (No emails, phone calls, texts, or messages from friend)

- Missed practices for school activities, doctors’ appointments, sick, college visits, etc will be allowed with note. (If miss two or more practices in a week, will not swim meet that week.)

- Missed practices for hanging out with friends, going shopping, playing video games will not be allowed. (If this becomes a regular occurrence, could result in being off the team.)

- Missed practices; difference is in how they count against you. For practice attendance percent and ability to letter you must be in the water swimming.

- Study tables (new this year) - Out of all the circuit and swim portions, can opt out of one per week (not the swim portion the night before a meet). Does not count towards.

- Schedule Concerns - Additional issues happen, we understand that. See coaching staff individually.

Varsity Letter
- Will not be junior varsity or varsity cut times.

- Might swim varsity or junior varsity races in same meet.

- To letter, score 50 points out of our regulary season meets. Relays divided by 4.

- Attend 90% of practices; earn 35 points towards the 50 needed.

- Attend 80% of practices; earn 25 points towards the 50 needed.

- For example 5th place in one dual meet event = 1 point.

- Practice and meet schedules subject to updates. Follow website and twitter for weather related changes.

- Bus leaves MHS for Spire at 3:30. Be at circuit in gym at 2:45.

- Must travel to and from practice and meets with team. If emergency need to speak directly to head coach.

- For meets, will call and wait 5-10 minutes if answer. No answer, will wait 5 minutes and leave.

- Cannot travel to practice or meets on your own.
- Swim to win all dual meets as a team

- Best possible lineup to win the meet. Relays and events filled with fastest times down. Times will be updated after every meet/back to back meets.

- Swimmers should expect to swim variety of events at dual meets

- Will meet with swimmers individually, once at start and one before taper to identify best events and goals. Will place swimmers in their target events from fastest to slowest. (senior to freshman if tie in time.)

- Will NOT discuss lineup, requests, or displeasure about event on the pool deck. Ask to meet before or after practice.
- Profanity heard by coach = 100 fly

- Horseplay/pushing someone in seen by coach = 100 fly

- Late on pool deck or on bus = 100 fly x however late

- Any and all other issues will be handled per school policy as defined in student handbook.
Team Atmosphere
- Respect teammates, coaches, parents, and yourself.

- Traveling to and from practice daily, we represent the school and Mentor community.

- Want the image we present for the Mentor swim team and ourselves to be a positive one. (Social media, in school, etc).

- Long season with ups and downs in training, remember your team is going through the same battles. Try to stay positive.

- No crying or anger on deck, if asked to go to the locker room, please do so until you have calmed down.

- Team website at mentorswimming.com

- Team twitter @mentorswimming

- Forms can all be completed through Final Forms website. Emergency medical, concussion, physical all need to be completed to be able to practice.

- Team suit can be purchased through Aquatic Outfitters website. Same suite as last season so you can use the same. Instruction form attached in packet.

- Spirit wear will come on separate form when the season begins.
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